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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Promise rings - Making a commitment

What are promise rings? Why would you give someone a promise ring? What do promise rings mean? Should I give my girlfriend a promise ring? Can I give my boyfriend a promise ring?

If any of these questions have crossed your mind then is the perfect article for you.

Promise rings

A promise ring has the power to change the level of any relationship. It is one of the best gifts anyone could ever receive.

Wedding bands
What are promise rings?

A Promise ring is used to represent a promise you make to your love. 
The aim is to make a promise to your partner and give him/her the ring as a reminder of the promise you've made.
 Every time your girlfriend/boyfriend looks at the ring he/she will be reminded of the promises you made and thus be able to remember them an how important he/she is to you.

Should I give my girlfriend/boyfriend a promise ring?

Making promises to your partner and giving him/her the ring as a token of the promises you've made allows him/her to see how sincere you are, to be constantly reminded of the promise and to see your level of commitment to him/her an your relationship.

What kind of promises should I make when giving my girlfriend or boyfriend a promise ring?

The promises you make to your partner can be anything depending on your relationship. If you feel that your partner may be uncertain with regards to your level of commitment or the level of your relationship you could reassure your partner with the promise ring. 

Promise me
Promise your love to be with him/her only for ever. Promise to always be there for him/her, to love him/her forever or to always give everything you have into the relationship or into making him/her happy.
If you feel that your boyfriend/girlfriend has a hard time trusting you (maybe he/she has been cheated on in the past by you or someone else) then promise to always be faithful, to put him/her above anyone and everyone else or to love only him/her forever.

Remember, you don't need to only make one promise. You could make as many promises as you like. The important thing is to MEAN EVERY WORD you say and every promise you make. Making a bunch of promises you don't plan on keeping or just saying random things you don't mean is pointless and is worth nothing. Be true to yourself and your partner by meaning what you say upon presenting him/her with the ring.

Looking in your eyes
Promise ring promises

  I promise to always love you
I promise to be with you forever.
I promise to love you alone.
I promise to always be faithful and loyal to you.
I promise to one day make you my wife.
I promise to trust you with all my heart.
I promise to always be there for you no matter what.

Promise rings: What kind of ring should i give my boyfriend/girlfriend and where should I put it?

A promise ring can be any kind of ring. It doesn't need to be an expensive ring. It can be anything you can afford. It will be great if you can give your partner a ring that he/she will be able to keep forever. One that won't get ruined or damaged easily. The ring can be a plain and simple ring or one engraved with a special message such as 'I mean every word’ ‘I will only love you' or 'I love you'.

The following is a perfect example of a promise ring. It's one that isn't that expense but beautiful and long lasting.

                                                                  Retail Price: $27.99
Many other styles and designs available.

A promise ring can be put on any finger EXCEPT the wedding ring finger (the finger next to your pinkie (little finger) on your left hand). You could put it on the middle finger of your left hand (because it's closet to your ring finger) or on your ring finger of your right hand.

Sometimes a promise ring can be kept on a necklace or chain too (maybe you can’t wear rings to school or work, etc.). The main point is to have the ring where it can be seen and kept all the time.

Holding your hand
When should I give my boyfriend/girlfriend a promise ring?

There is no set time for presenting your partner with a promise ring. It’s all dependent on where you feel your relationship is. If you feel that you'd like to make a commitment to your partner because that’s where you feel your relationship is then there is no better way to do that then by presenting him/her with a promise ring. 

A promise ring (besides an engagement ring) is a major commitment step and if you feel that you're ready to show your partner how much you value him/her and the relationship your in then this is the best decision you could make.

Remember, make promises you plan on keeping and mean ever word you say. That is after all what makes the ring worthwhile.

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