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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Romantic Valentine's Day gift ideas for a New boyfriend/girlfriend

What should I get my new boyfriend/girlfriend for Valentine's Day? What are some romantic gift ideas for a new relationship? What can i get my new boyfriend/girlfriend for Valentine's Day? We've only been together a few months / We only started dating, What are some romantic gift ideas?

New relationships can be exciting and fun but when it comes to gift buying or giving the above mentioned questions might easily cross your mind. The good news is, getting a boyfriend/girlfriend you're in a new relationship with a gift is actually the easiest thing to do.

Top Valentine's Day gift ideas for new relationships

The gift you decide to get your new boyfriend/girlfriend depends entirely on how long you've been together, how deep your feelings for each other are and what level your relationship is on.

If you're in a casual relationship it would be easier to stick to the basics. Go for things like flowers or chocolates for your girlfriend or a cute teddy and a huge card for your boyfriend. Concentrate on making Valentine's Day fun for the both of you seeing as it is the first or one of the first Valentine's Days you spend together as a couple.

If you're relationships is more serious, (maybe you know you love each other, you've been friends or known each other for a while or you feel like he/she is the one already) then don't limit yourself with regards to getting gifts. Focus on getting your message of love across to your partner in the best way you feel comfortable. Think about getting or giving something personalized.

Personalize a Teddy for your boyfriend/girlfriend
Personalized Teddy

The most unique Gift you could give your boyfriend/girlfriend no matter how long you've been together  is a PERSONALIZED or CUSTOMISED teddy. This is such a great idea because it allows you to suite your gift to the level of your relationship. You get to inscribe a message to your boyfriend/girlfriend on the Teddy's chest/t-shirt! You can say anything from 'So glad you're mine!', 'I love You', 'Your MY forever', both your names or anything else you feel you'd like to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend on your new Teddies chest for only $18 (click here)

Picnic date

One of the benefits of being in a relatively new relationship is the fact that you haven't been on all that many dates yet. Whether you've been together for a few weeks or months and haven't gotten to see everything there is to see in your town or city together yet or you're more of an indoor couple so you don't get out that much, a picnic date is sure to make your valentine's day special.

A plus with picnic dates is that you get to customise it anyway you like. Have a fun date at a pool or at a botanical garden surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery or at the beach. Pack a picnic basket filled with your favourite snacks and treats (maybe even lunch), grab a couple of towels or a blanket and head outdoors for a romantic lunch or dinner.

To add to the romance of this picnic date (or if you've had a picnic lunch at a pool or garden already) turn it into a romantic picnic under the stars! There can be nothing more beautiful or romantic then lying in each others arms sipping on your favourite drinks and gazing into each others eyes in between watching the stars.

To make this date even more special don't forget the romantic music! You could always squeeze a dance or two under the stars into your date.

Heart lock and Key bracelet

If you're going for something romantic and sweet that shouts "I plan on being with you for a really long time/FOREVER" then this is the perfect gift. Not only does it demonstrate the fact that you're willing to show your partner that you plan on sticking around for a while but it also shows that you'd like everyone to know you're together.
If you're looking for a gift that will allow others to know that you're partners in a relationship even when you're not around then this is definitely a must.
                                                 Retail Price: $32.99
Love Letter

Another romantic gift is a love letter. Love letters are precious for many reasons; they express your emotions and feelings for your partner deeply and beautifully, they are highly and completely personal and they take a lot of thought and effort (which adds to the value of them as an additional or main gift).
Another plus to love letters is the fact that they don't cost a cent to make.

In your love letter you can express your feelings for your boyfriend/girlfriend by letting him/her know that even though you've only been together for a few weeks or months you really have strong feelings for him/her and that he/she is really special to you. If you haven't yet said "I love you" why not do it in a romantic love-letter on Valentine's Day?

For extra love letter writing tips read here

Personalized Photo Frame

Personalized photo frames are a good way of making sure you're the first one she/he sees in the morning and the last he/she sees at night. A perfect gift in any relationship no matter how long you've been together.

What makes personalized frames more romantic then ordinary frames is the fact that you're able to personalize them according to the level of your relationship (just as with the personalized teddy). By adding your names or a special message (anniversary date (so that it's never forgotten), I love you, etc) to the frame you make sure that your partner will treasure and value the frame for a really long time.

                                              Retail Price: $36.99
                                               You Save: $10.00
                                 Many different styles and designs available.

Photo Shoot

Tons of photo's are always a must for any new relationship.

If you're still low on the photo's (or even if you'd just love to have more) this is the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Many studios offer special romantic photo shoots for couples at special prices especially throughout the Valentine's Day period.

If you'd like to save some cash this Valentine's day, why not get the photo's taken at home either by you or a friend? There's nothing much to it besides the fact that you need to have as much fun as possible. If you'd like to do it all by yourself (making it even more fun and memorable) get a stand to place your camera on, set the timer and let the fun begin!

Read here for some romantic poses.

Gift basket or chocolates

If all else fails and you're really not sure what to get you can always go back to basics and stick to the classic but still romantic gift baskets and teddies.

The great thing about gift baskets is the fact that they will suite any guy or girl and are filled with sweetness and love. With being a relatively new couple you might not be too sure what your boyfriend / girlfriend might or might not like with regards to other presents so gift baskets are always a safe bet.

                                                    Retail Price: $49.99
                                                     You Save: $10.00

No matter what you give your new love this Valentine's Day, remember, the best and biggest gift you could ever give him/her is LOVE so hand over tons of it!

Have an awesome Valentine's Day!!!!

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