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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Love Poems / Love Letters: The most Romantic love poem / letter ever written (according to me :))

                             LETTER TO MY HEART

Dear Heart
Holding hands forever
I know you are meant to be a significant
Part of my body;
It is through you that each and every single part
Of my body receives a fresh dosage of blood all day;
It is through you that my brain manages to
Stay awake and function through stressful times
And it is through you that the two warriors
In my chest huff n puff at every given moment;

I know that I've put you through some tough times;
I know that I've asked from you more than you can give,
You have bared all the pain and torture that I've put
You through and for that I thank you;

As from this moment on,
Just this once for all times' sake;
I beg of you to be strong as you're no longer alone,
I ask of you to be joyful as our happiness has just begun,
I urge you to dance and sing like the great
African tribes for you are no longer the only one
Who feels the music,

My dear friend,
Matching zodiac tattoos
I hope I'm not asking too much of you;
I only ask that you find a special place for her;
Preferably the centre of your soul;
Place her there amongst everything that means the most,
For that's the least we can do
Considering the amount of happiness she's brought into our lives

You and I can agree that
You've never been so happy and I've never felt
Such love until we met her,

So, all I ask is for you to do me
This one favour, just between me and you.

Your dear Friend

True love is real

*From K.M.M to JMT*

If you have any pics, a true love story or would like to dedicate something to your boyfriend / girlfriend / husband or wife, visit the "contact me" page and send me an email!!!
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My Book!!! Click on the image to read the first couple of chapters online
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