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Monday, December 9, 2013

How to propose on Christmas Day / Christmas Eve: Proposing on Christmas Day / Eve

How do I propose to my girlfriend on Christmas Day / Eve? Should I propose to my girlfriend on Christmas Day / Eve? Is Christmas Eve / Day the right time to propose? What are some tips on a Christmas Day / Eve proposal?

Taking the step to propose to the one you love is a very big one to take. There is no date more important or of higher value then Christmas Day. All over the world a huge focus and fuss is made around Christmas day - why not add a personal and unique reason for it's importance in your life and that of the one you love?

If you're thinking of proposing on Christmas Day / Eve, the following tips might prove handy.

1. Wrap the ring up as a gift

One of the best gifts anyone could ever receive is someones heart. Marriage is a huge step. Promising marriage (when you really mean it) is just as big a step. Ultimately this symbolises or demonstrates the fact that you are giving the other person your heart completely.
By wrapping up your engagement in the form of a gift is a really awesome idea.

What to do:

  • Place your engagement ring in a gift box or bag THAT IS NOT THE SHAPE OR FORM OF A RING PACKAGE.
  • Include in the package other little gifts: chocolates, sweets, flowers, etc anything that will pad the gift and subtract from the idea that it might be a ring - distort its shape.
  • Right at the bottom of the gift bag or package include a heart: whether it be a heart cushion, soft toy, cardboard cutout or compact.
  • Include a note saying or say the words: I'd like to give you my heart this Christmas.
  • Either let her friend the ring in the package or have the ring separate in your pocket or something and once she's read the words or you've said them, propose to her.
2. Do it under the mistletoe

We've all heard he romance and traditionalism behind a mistletoe kiss. How much more romantic and sweet would a proposal under a mistletoe be?

3. Do it during an important moment 

Make use of the fact that it's an important day. Use the Hype and specialness around the day to your advantage to add extra effects to your proposal. Propose during the Christmas Nativity, a special Christmas Carol, lighting of the Christmas tree, etc. make it special, make it count and make it worth it.

The only negative to a Christmas Day / Eve proposal is the fact that although getting a 'yes' from her could mean the best Christmas ever - one you would always remember and cherish, getting a no could mean the exact opposite: you might never look at Christmas the same again.

Analise your relationship carefully before proposing. if you feel confident that she feels the same way for you as you do for her then go for it. If not wait until you feel that you are both ready and spare yourself any heartbreak.

Good luck!

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