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Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to propose on New Years Day / New Years Eve: New years day / eve proposals

How do I propose to my girlfriend on New Years day / Eve? Should I propose on New Years Day / Eve? What are the pros and cons of a New Years Day / Eve proposal?

Proposing to someone is a giant step to take. You are promising to make a life long commitment to someone by marrying them sometime soon. Many spend thousands on ideas of 'magic' proposals seeing the value in the act. It is not always necessary to spend tons of money to make a proposal special. Sometimes it's all in the way you do it.

Tips for a New Years Day / New Years Eve Proposal

1. The date does matter

The date alone is a powerful one. You are basically saying that you want to go into the new year with this person being an even bigger part of your life. This is really awesome and specially and almost guaranteed to be seen as romantic by your girlfriend.

2. Use the date to your advantage
Knowing the importance of the date in it being the start of a new minute, hour, day, year and hopefully your lives together, a good idea would be to make the most of this and to emphasise it to her. Sometimes in the spur of the moment she might be so overwhelmed that you're proposing that she doesn't even notice the significance behind the way you're doing it. Make sure that you highlight this to her in something you say while proposing.

3. Things to say:
- I couldn't think of a better way to start the new year then with you as my fiancé
- I couldn't think of a better way of starting the new year then knowing that you will be my wife in it
- I refuse to enter another year without knowing that you will be my wife
-A new year signals and symbolises new beginnings... I'd like my new beginning to be with you.

4. Use the atmosphere to your advantage
Many people spend lots of money hiring musicians, fireworks, etc. The biggest advantage of a New Years Day / Eve proposal is that you will automatically have all of this at your disposal at no additional cost!
Go to a fireworks show, a concert or a dance and use the atmosphere and surroundings to romanticise, beautify and make your proposal a highly memorable one.

5. Timing is everything
I would suggest doing it right before the count down begins. Pace yourself and watch the clock. You don't want to propose while everyone is shouting at the top of their lungs and she can't hear you and you don't wanna miss the 'entrance into the new year together' either. The best thing to do would be to decide how long your proposals gonna be: is it going to be a speech of a few minutes expressing every detail or everything you'd like to say to her or a short proposal of just main points like her becoming your wife?
Once you have that part sorted, deduct the estimated time it will take from midnight. So if it will take approximately 4 minutes, that means start at 11:56. Once you start talking you have got to keep going until just before the count down starts. Make sure that she gives you an answer before the count down. Once she's given you that yes keep talking (hopefully the count down will be just about to start of you paced yourself properly) - there should only be a couple of seconds until the count down at this stage. As soon as the countdown begins (hopefully it starts at 10 or 5 seconds before midnight) start kissing her. There can be nothing more romantic and sweet then going into the new year with a new years kiss.

The only negative to a New Years Day / Eve proposal is the fact that should she say 'no', this could ruin your whole outlook on the new year and you could go into it feeling depressed and disappointed. Then again love takes risk. if you don't ask her, you'd never know. It's better to go into the new year with someone you know feels the same way about you.

Speak from the heart and she will definitely see your sincerity.

Good Luck!
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