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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What to say when proposing / how to propose: Proposing Marriage

What should I say when proposing to my girlfriend? What can I say to my girlfriend during my proposal? What are some romantic or sweet things to say while proposing?

Taking the step to propose to the one you love is making a huge commitment. it ab be highly exciting as you're taking a new giant step into the unknown but it can also be nerve wrecking if you see yourself stumbling over your words or not being sure what to say. Below are some tips and things to say while proposing to help your proposal go as smooth as possible.

Things you should definitely say:

I love you
I NEED you
I want to start my life with you
You're one in a million / one of a kind
I can't picture my life with anyone else

Things you should definitely NOT say:

I'm not sure
Maybe we should get married
Maybe we can get married some day
I think you might be the one for me

In short, say anything POSITIVE that comes from the heart. Let her see your sincerity and feel it too. Don't say anything that displays DOUBT or UNCERTAINTY - no one wants to get engaged to someone who isn't sure they want to be married or that they're doing the right thing by proposing.

Important tips before proposing
1. Understand her

Don't make a public spectacle of your proposal if you know that she's extremely shy or would find it humiliating. Also, it is a proven fact that people are more likely to say yes in public in order to avoid embarrassment BUT don't try and use this to trick her s it could backfire in your face.

2. You know whether or not it will work

You should know and understand your relationship, whether you're both ready for a commitment, whether she feels the same way for you as you do her and whether she wants to make a commitment such as getting married in the present or ever. If you are uncertain, do some asking around whether it's asking her or those close to her before trying to propose. The last thing you want to do is get hurt by having her tell you no.

3. Follow customs and tradition where you can

If you need to ask for her hand in marriage from her parents r legal guarding prior to proposing, do so. It will make it so much more romantic and meaning flu to her that you took the time to follow tradition and customs.
If you are in a interracial relationship and aren't sure how things work, ask those closest to her or look it up and try your very best to try and get as close to her culture as you possibly can. it really will mean so much more yo her.

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