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Friday, February 5, 2016

Does the "Perfect Marraige" exist? - Thought for the day

What is the "Perfect Marriage"? Does the "Perfect Marriage" exist? How do you get the "Perfect marriage"? Are some people destined for "the perfect marriage" and others not?


Does the perfect marriage exist? 

 The answer put simply (in my opinion) is NO.

How could there ever be the perfect marriage?

Many people spend years if not all their lives searching for the perfect partner, the perfect relationship or the perfect marriage when the truth is, that is like looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is not real. It does not exist. You are wasting precious time searching for something that is not real in the natural world.
In the realistic world in which we live, the aim should inevitably be to have a generally happy marriage. That being said, the good should outweigh the bad and if that happens then that would be your perfect marriage.
An important thing to note is that this depends a lot on your partner as much as it does you but you cannot control the destiny of your marriage solely. You can’t put the strain of the marriage on you saying that you can or cannot make it work.
The success of a marriage lies solely on tolerance.
People may walk around boastful that they’ve lasted as a married couple like they found the “perfect partner” when in essence marriage and the success of it is largely dependent on compromise and more importantly tolerance.
Yes maybe to some the perfect partner would be someone who puts up with all your faults and issues. I guess that would be perfect for you nut in essence that makes the marriage completely and utterly imperfect for them. For a marriage to be perfect it would nee to be perfect for you both.

I’ve seen marriages last decades only to then end.
You might ask how that is even possible?
If you don’t love someone wouldn’t you have realized that before the first ten year mark?
Or the first 5 year mark?
The truth is the ending of many marriages is a result of tolerance. Some people “stay married” to someone who ill-treats them or cheats on them. They tolerate the other person’s faults. They look past the sloppiness or the disrespect.

Someone else may file for a divorce at the first sign of disrespect, possible infidelity or unnecessary conflict.

It all depends on what you will tolerate – someone may tolerate an infidelity while it may be cause for a divorce to someone else.

It may be tolerance, it may be levels of self-respect.

Of course some other factors do lead to divorce at times – rushing into things, lack of communication or bad communication, etc. but in most cases even the most often heard reason for divorce – He / she changed is based on tolerance.
"He / she changed"
No body “changed”. What happened was he / she either got tired of tolerating your behavior or you got tired of tolerating his / hers.

Your tolerance levels changed.

Yes. You can make a marriage work and not all marriages fail BUT not one is ever Perfect.

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