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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Different types of online dating sites

What types of online dating sites are there?

There are many different types of online dating sites and types. When deciding to join one (or a few) it's a great idea to know exactly what's out there first.

What is the difference between online dating sites that charge and those that don’t?
The biggest difference giving online dating sites that do charge an upper hand is probably the honesty and dedication as well as the sincerity of those on the site. Many people who would pay an online dating site to list them are most likely to be honestly looking to make deep connections with people. Those who join free dating sites(although there are a vast majority looking for all the same things) have a higher percentage of those who aren’t honest, are not looking to really make connections or are likely to be spammers. 
Another benefit often shared by paid dating sites is the specific target market they often cater to. Paid sites usually specialize in specific groups of people (e.g. lesbian dating, over 40s, single moms, cougars, sugar daddy’s/mommy’s etc.). For more information on the particular sites and the socialized dating they offer read: Types of online dating sites.
The up side to this is that by keeping an open mind and skimming the contacts you make as well as following all safety guidelines your experience should be exactly the same whether you choose to join a dating site where membership is paid or a free online dating site.
Types of online dating sites
With online dating sites catering to almost every dating type there is so much to experiment.
Online dating appeals to those who’d like to date specific groups of people for various reasons.

Top dating sites for various interests:
According to Race

There are online dating sites that promote and aim to aid inter-racial dating. These include:

*  Interracialmatch.com

*  Sainterracialdating

Disability / Illness

*   disabledpassions.com        (disability)
*    luv4littlepeople.com  (midget dating)
*    hivpassions.com       (HIV positive dating)


My right someone

Singles of faith


*   ourteennetwork.com     (teen dating)

*   singlesover20.co.uk   (dating over 20)   

*  40plusdating.co.za   (dating over 40)

*   50plussingglesdating.com  (dating over 50)


*    singlemomsanddads.com  (single parents)

*    singleparentmeet.com        (single parents)

*    dating4divorced.co.za        (divorced)

*    divorcedpeoplemeet.com  (divorced) 
Top sites - Free registration
*    plentyoffish.com

*    zoosk.com

*    okcupid

*    mingle2


* What's your price* (where possible partners bid for a date with you - completely free)
*     cougars.net     (older women and younger men)

*     sugardaddie.com  (sugar daddies and mommies) 

*     diamonddaddy.com  (sugar daddies)

*     uniformdating.com   (date singles in uniforms - army, police, etc)

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