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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why do guys / men cheat? - According to guys / men

Why do men cheat? What are the reasons behind most men cheating? Why would a guy / man cheat?

It may not be rocket science figuring out why men cheat but it isn’t quite something with one distinctive cause or reason either. There are many reasons why a guy would end up cheating but one of the main ones is Greed - that’s right Greed. Men are very greedy - they just can’t get enough and as a result they cheat.  

Women come in many different shapes and sizes and in the narrow thinking that we men have, we want to explore all kinds of sisters and all its really about is looking at a woman fantasizing about her and wanting to fulfil the fantasy of being with a woman of certain shape, race and as funny as this may sound, complexion as well.

Another reason similar to the above and closely linked is bedroom activities and intimacy. As we all know or rather as we all think, relationships have honeymoon phases - Intimacy on its own in a relationship has a honeymoon phase too. In the early days it’s all kinds of positions and exploring overflowing with spunk and excitement. Eventually that falls away like many other things that may disappear from a relationship with time and what we men end up doing is looking for that spunk and excitement elsewhere.

Times have changed and worldwide as opposed to the olden days, the role of the ‘house wives’ has diminished resulting in a lot of career women who ultimately treat their jobs as their baby’s in contrast to us men being seen as their baby’s. A lack of attention is thus our simplest reason to cheat.

It’s obvious that infidelity in a relationship on the part of a man or guy can be due to numerous reasons but in conclusion - why do men cheat? Mostly it’s all about physical intimacy and nothing else. Yes there may be the exception of an emotional connection, feeling emotionally cut off from your relationship and looking for that connection elsewhere or having an emotional affair but all in all, men have a higher drive for physical intimacy as a fact – mainly the reason why men are more likely than women to surf adult websites.

No matter the reason for cheating, it can never be right. If you really love someone and value your relationship with them you would never hurt them by cheating on them. It’s always better to attempt fixing your relationship by talking about your problems or what your relationship may be lacking. If this can’t be done then it is better to cut ties and end your relationship before moving on to the next person. If you can cheat on someone, they obviously don’t mean that much to you and you shouldn’t be with them to begin with.  

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