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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to tell if he is ready to be a father / dad: Would he make a good father / dad: Is he ready - checklist

Would he make a good father / dad? How can I tell if he is ready to become a father / dad? What are some signs that he is ready to be a father / dad?

The step to parenthood is a huge leap. Going from just being you to being a you caring for a little someone else is a very big change.

There are many little hints or clues that someone would make a good father. There are also many signs as to whether he or she is ready to become a father. The biggest thing to remember is parenthood is something you should definitely NOT rush into. Once the baby is there, he or she wont be going anywhere for at least 16 to 18 years. It will be your responsibility to look after and care for him or her and you can't just go back to how things were.

Don't ever try and 'trap' a guy by falling pregnant - thinking that it will make him stay, make him marry you or make him change his ways. You need to see those changes before bringing a baby into the world because a baby won't make him become everything you want him to be especially if you're planning on falling pregnant vindictively.

The checklist below can be printed off and used as a screening tool when trying to get an idea whether someone seems like they could be ready for parenthood or not. Remember, you need to talk about it before. You can't just "think" or "assume" someone is ready to become a parent. The best way of finding out is discussing your relationship and the thought of starting a family together and taking it from there.

There are 20 statements or points to judge so the higher your score the better - the higher your chances are that he is ready to be a father / dad.

'Is he ready to be a father / dad' checklist
*Please note, this checklist is just meant to give you an idea and encourage you with regards to what you should be thinking about. Only he knows for sure whether or not he is ready or would like to become a father right now.*

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