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Friday, August 12, 2011

Boyfriend / Girlfriend Matching Tattoos

There is nothing more romantic then getting something done together. Add to this the fact that the ‘something' you decide to do together can demonstrate the permanence of your relationship and you have an everlasting romantic gesture. 
Boyfriend / Girlfriend matching tattoo's
There are many different types of Matching Tattoos that you as a couple could get. The possibilities are endless! The best thing to do would be to make a discussion date, throw around some ideas and settle on a tattoo that you feel may describe you both and do your relationship justice.
Types of Boyfriend / Girlfriend Matching Tattoos
The most important thing to do is be creative. Don’t limit your imagination at all. The following are some awesome ideas on what you could get together:
·         A matching design

Why not sit down together and start sketching?

Couples Tattoos
This is an awesome idea to get something that is particularly original, unique and that you know for sure no one else will have. What’s more is the fact that it’s something that belongs specifically to the both of you because you designed it together!
You could design a picture, some sort of graphic or anything else that comes to mind. Let your imagination run wild.

·         Zodiac signs or Chinese horoscope

There’s nothing cuter then having each others zodiac signs tattooed.
This is something that you can both showcase and feel like you have a part of your partner with you all the time.

·         Names

small matching tattoos
The good old fashion name tattoo still holds firm as a great tattoo idea.
Maybe you could add a twist and tattoo nicknames instead. What could be more romantic or memorable then having those cute pet names you call each other as tattoos?
To be a little more discreet you could go for a small initial instead.

·         A little less specific

There are tons of tattoo’s you could get together that are a little less obvious to those who may not know all the details of your relationship but none the less special and romantic to you and your partner.

§  Stars (like Rhianna and Chris Brown).

Having something like this allows you to show your individuality when you're not with your partner as it's not independently a relationship symbol. When you are together, however, it demonstrates your togetherness.

Male/Female matching tattoo

§  The Male/Female symbol

This symbolises your acceptance of being different but also (if you have them both) signifies your coming together.

§  Bar codes

     This is a fun tattoo as you can basically make it extremely memorable in a secretive kinda way. By making use of dates it becomes a whole lot private as basically you and your partner are the only ones aware of the hidden meanings surrounding it.
A bar-coded date of the start of your relationship plus your birth dates could make for both a unique and special tattoo.

 §  Handcuffs

This is a really cool idea to go for if your looking to express your commitment to each other in a fun way. They scream out that you're stuck with each other. 

Religious matching tattoos
§  Crosses or a religion symbol

      If you feel that that is what your relationship is grounded in then you should seriously consider getting one if these. You could even add your initials at the bottom to add some extra personalization

Matching ring tattoos

§  Rings

   This is a romantic and sweet idea.
    Rings (whether you're dating or married) show case your everlasting relationship and your view on your relationship.
      Rings symbolize commitment and by getting a ring tattoo it shows that you're committed to each other.
      If you're married having a ring tattooed on your ring finger can symbolize the fact that even when you're not wearing your ring physically it's still always going to be there because that's how permanent your love is.

·         Half of anything

Half of anything or ‘completion’ tattoo’s are always a great idea. If you have half of something and your partner has the other half then that is something completely priceless. This demonstrates the fact that you’re partner is your other half and that they complete the picture – they complete you. It also shows that you do everything together.

Ø  Half Hearts

This is too romantic.
Hearts are always know to symbolize love.
By having you and your partner each tattoo half of a heart it not only shows your love for each other but symbolizes your connection in that with both half hearts you're complete. It's one of the best completion tattoo ideas around.

loyalty tattoos
Ø  Half of a circle

    Circles demonstrate eternity and having a circle or anything equivalent will demonstrate the eternity of your relationship and love for each other.
Ø  Half messages

Example: you could have ‘For’ and your partner could have ‘Ever” or anything else that you feel describes your relationship (‘Ever’ & ‘Lasting’, ‘Soul’ & ‘Mates’, etc)

Angel wings matching tattoos
Ø  One wing

     This is also a romantic idea because nothing (specifically angels if you go for angels wings) could fly with one wing. With you each having one wing it demonstrates the fact that you need each other to fly. You need each other in life. You’re not able to function or do what you do best without your partner.

Heart and Key matching tattoos
Ø  Lock and Key

     This tattoo demonstrates the fact that your partner is the only one who has access to your heart or the key to it. This tattoo demonstrates trust, loyalty and love for each other.

The Perfect Tattoo

There are many different types of tattoo's that you could get with your partner. As has been demonstrated, the possibilities are endless. Just be creative and choose one that matches your relationship perfectly!

Also remember that part of the reason behind the romance of getting couples tattoos are that they demonstrate the permanence of your relationship through the fact that tattoos are permanent.

With tattoos being permanent you need to be entirely sure that your relationship is going to last. There is nothing worse then getting a permanent tattoo only to have your relationship end a few months down the line.

Henna tattoos (temporary tattoos)  are an easy alternative to permanent tattoos and can be just as romantic and endearing.

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