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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Romantic things to say / do to get your exgirlfriend back

What can I do to get my ex back? What are some romantic things I could do for my exgirlfriend? What are some sweet or romantic things I could say to my exgirlfriend? What are some romantic things that will make my exgirlfriend want to / consider taking me back?

If you're still in love with you're ex and feel that there is a chance that she might feel the same then this article is for you.   

Looking into each others eyes : cute couples pics
This article contains romantic and sweet things you could say to or do for your exgirlfriend to make her take you back or at least consider doing so. Remember, if there is no real chance of you getting back together (maybe she's moved on or can't forgive you for your past mistakes) then there might be nothing you could do or say to make her change her mind.
If there is still hope (which there often is) then be sure to read this post. You might also want to read 'how to get my ex back', 'signs that your ex still has feelings for you', 'should I take my ex back' and 'sweet / romantic gift ideas for exes'.

Romantic things to say / do to get your exgirlfriend back

Guy giving girl flowers
1. Say you're sorry.
Sometimes it's just that simple. Sometimes the only two words a girl needs to here is that YOU'RE SORRY; Sorry for what you did or didn't do or sorry that things ended. The one thing more important than you saying you're sorry is that she needs to be able to look into your eyes and see that you mean each and every word and that you're not just saying it.
If you really are sorry for what you did, how you treated her or that the relationship ended tell her that and mean it. Let her see that you're sorry and she might be able to open up her heart to you again.

2. Find her
This basically needs to be coupled with you saying something that will speak to her heart. You need to pay her a surprise visit at her home or work (with flowers or chocolates, etc) especially if she isn't taking your calls.

There is no point in showing up to her house or anywhere else without saying anything that will make her feel like she should give your relationship another shot so combine this with number 1 (telling her you're sorry) and that you love her and you could really be on to something.
True love connection

 3.Tell her you NEED her.
Something else she'd want to hear is that you NEED her. She wants to know that you NEED her in your life, you NEED to be with her and you need her as your better half. Don't say that you want her back tell her you NEED her back. She wants to feel needed like you can't be without her. Make her feel that and it's bound to make a difference.

(For other romantic and sweet things to say to your ex read here)

4. Call / text her and make her feel special.
Sometimes a random phone call (or text message if she won't take your calls) has the potential to really touch her heart. If you'd really like to take the top spot in romance, let the text message, phone call or email take a back seat to a beautiful and heart felt love-letter (read on how to write the perfect one easily here).

The following are important things you need to include in your SHORT & SWEET message or call. Remember, If you don't mean it, don't say it!

Tell her that you know she probably doesn't wanna hear from you right now but you just wanted to tell her that:
- You love her and always will
- You can't stop thinking about her
- No matter what happens she's always going to be that one girl you will never forget about.
Finding comfort in him
- You feel like in the perfect world she'd take you back but you know you messed up and you don't blame her if she doesn't but you still love her and you always will.

(For short and sweet love poems read here)

5. Make the good outweigh the bad.
Email or snail mail your ex a picture of the two of you reminding her of the good memories you shared. Be sure to tell her that you'll never forget all the happy times and that they still make you smile.
If you can get her to remember the good times you shared together and how happy you were she'll start to fade out the sad times, the bad times and the reason why you broke up. The good will start to feel better then the bad.
Another way of doing this is to drop off a memory box (read more on how to make a memory box and other gift ideas for ex's here). A great surprise would be to wrap up the memory box and drop it in front of her door before leaving or by sending it to here. In the box you need to place important messages, little notes of special hing you said, memories you shared, your favourite movies, favourite songs / song lyrics and pics of all the good times you shared.

PS: Nothing can be sweeter than receiving a gift - it shows that you're worth it

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Love is a beautiful thing. If you're truly believe that you're relationship can work out this time and that you belong together than there is nothing wrong in giving your relationship one more shot and attempting to get your one true love back. Remember, when it comes to matters of the heart, you're pride and ego needs to take a backseat to your love and affection.

Good luck!

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