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Friday, June 28, 2013

Signs that your ex wants you back

How do I know if my ex wants me back? I want my ex back does he/she feel the same way? Does my ex regret the break up? Does my ex want me back?
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After ending a relationship that really meant a lot to you various questions may flood your mind. You may miss your ex so much but struggle to find out whether or not he/she feels the same way.
In many cases the signs might be staring you right in the face and if you just pay a little more attention you’d be able to know exactly where your ex stands with regards to his feelings for you. Once you’ve gotten that sorted out and you know for sure that your ex still has deep feelings for you, you can move towards getting your ex back.

A few signs that he wants you back (not to be missed)

1.       If the two of you have cut contact as part of the break-up and your ex finds “excuses” to contact or see you, this is a big sign. Examples of this would be:

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 He/she suddenly hangs out at places he always knew you hung out at.
·        He/she comes around your work, class or home and maybe uses the excuse of “just being in the area”.
·         He/she calls to ask for a phone number or something, or even asks you to pick up some of your stuff.

It’s important to know that these could either be major signs that he/she misses you and wants you back or legitimate reasons to see you. You alone will be able to tell the difference so be observant and open minded.

PS: By reading books like Getting her back for good or getting him back you will be able to find many other signs and how to react to them.

2.       He/She brings up things that used to make you happy

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·         A good example would be him bringing up good memories of the two of you. He/she might mention how he/he just remembered ‘the night out on the town’ you enjoyed together or any other significant date you shared.
·         He/she could also mention things you used to do as a couple or suggest that you do it again sometime (knowing that you’re not together anymore and maybe in an aim to see your reaction or to get more time with you).

      Guys usually bring up inside jokes or memorable events you may have shared in order to help you remember that everything in your relationship wasn’t all bad. It is also a signal that he does think about the happy times in your past relationship and misses them. Having your ex do this indicates that he/she misses you, has feelings for you, and even sub-consciously wants you back.

3.       Your ex buys you stuff or does favors for you

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·         When you’re not with someone anymore, technically they don’t owe you anything; they don’t need to do you any special favors or give you any preferential treatment. By him fixing or getting something fixed for you (especially if he does it without any charge / cost to you) he is really going out of his way to make you happy meaning that you still matter to him and/or he’s trying to score brownie points with you in an almost 'lets start dating' kinda way. Taking care of you when you're sick is an even bigger sign that his/ her feelings for you run very deep.
      Running errands for you is in the same league as it is also something she doesn’t need to be doing seeing that you’re not together anymore.
·         If he/she buys you gifts randomly or does anything in that light, this again is a sign that he/she’s trying to get your attention and to get you to 'like’ him/her again. Almost like when you just meet someone and try flirting with them.

The main point here is that by doing anything for you that he/she isn’t obliged to do as you’re not a couple any longer, he/she could be giving you a major clue that he/she wants you back.

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4.       Your ex calls you randomly

      Calling you randomly to say 'hi' or find out how you’re doing could be an indication that he still thinks about you and would just like ‘to hear your voice’ again. He might also be trying to let you know that he hasn’t forgotten about you
·         By her calling you on your birthday to say happy birthday she’s letting you know that she remembered your birthday because it’s that important to her. He/she could also be letting you know that he/she still cares about you and is in a way still treating you as if you were his/hers.
·         If he/she calls, texts or emails to let you know that he/she changed his/her number or any of his/her other contact details (something which you really don't need to know) that’s a major hint that he/she still wants you to contact him/her or that he/she's just using this as a reason or excuse to make contact with you. Either way you look at it, he/she clearly still wants you in his/her life.

5.      Your ex goes out of his/her way to show you that he/she’s changed

·         If you broke up because he partied or went clubbing too much he might mention how he hasn’t been out clubbing in a while. Or similarly if you broke up because you felt she wasn’t stable she might mention how she feels completely ready to settle down.

This could be his/her way of showing you that the problems leading to your break up have been dealt with or sorted out and that the two of you could make things work now. It could also be his/her way of showing that what happened (the break up or results of his actions) mattered so much to him/her that he/she’s willing to change for the better. In a way he/she is also admitting that his/her behavior was wrong and that he/she wants to fix everything.

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6.       Your ex wants to spend time with you

·    He might suggest the two of you hang out or spend some time together (just make sure that this doesn’t turn into a friends with benefits situation unless that is what you’re looking for)
·    She could invite you to a family event or outing or suggest that the two of you catch up.
·    He could tell you that he’s playing, got a game or a show (if he’s into sports or some other hobby) and would like you to come.

The signs are similar to those of a guy/girl when he’s first trying to get you to go out with him. If he/she does want to get back together with you and you keep all of the above in mind the signs may be really easy to spot.

Keep an open mind and an open heart and remember that if you're meant to be together you will find your way back together again. There ways on getting your exgirlfriend back or getting your ex boyfriend back for good and if you really believe you can make your relationship work then don't give up.

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