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Monday, December 10, 2018

I am interested in someone older: Should I take a chance or walk away

Hi Jade, 

I am 25 and I recently started chatting to this guy who is 42 years old. At first it was just a friendship but I can now feel myself falling for him and I strongly believe he feels the same way. He is exceptionally sweet and romantic and very kind and understanding. he has told me that cares for me as more than just a friend. We have casually hung out a few times but I think he is too scared to "make a move" in case he might ' frighten me away'. I know that the 17 year age gap is a big one for both of us.

I don't want to loose the opportunity for an awesome relationship but am also a bit nervous about the age gap and all that it entails.

Please help! 

With love, 


Monday, November 26, 2018

Do you need a lawyer / attorney to get a divorce? When do you need a divorce lawyer / attorney?

Why do i need a divorce lawyer? Is a divorce lawyer or attorney really necessary? When do I need a divorce lawyer or attorney? Can I get a divorce without a divorce lawyer or attorney?

The divorce process can be a very tricky one especially if you haven't found yourself in the situation before. Besides having to deal with the fact that you're 'happy ending' may be coming to an end, you now have to deal with a whole lot of other things including the stress of thinking about the proceedings and a divorce lawyer or attorney and how the whole process works.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Songs about abusive / dysfunctional relationships and overcoming them

Are there any songs about  abusive / dysfunctional relationships? Are there any songs about overcoming  abusive / dysfunctional relationships?

Having been in an  abusive / dysfunctional relationship myself and having overcome mine, I know how beneficial music is in helping you cope as well as providing inspiration and reminding you that you can make it through.