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Sunday, April 5, 2020

How to keep your relationship going during a lockdown / quarantine #Covid-19 #CoronaVirus

How can I maintain my relationship while on quarantine? How can I keep my relationship going during lock-down? Will the corona virus ruin my relationship? How can I keep my partner interested when we can't be together due to the lock-down?

Numerous new rules and measures have been put in place worldwide due to the Covid-19 outbreak. With numbers increasing on a daily basis; many countries, states or cities have extreme measures in place to try and flatten the curve, prevent spreading or reduce the numbers of those getting infected.

Some of these measures range from social distancing and restrictions on large gatherings to more extreme measures such as shut downs and lock downs.
It is not hard to notice the effect this obviously has on our social lives and relationships. Many have had to cancel birthday parties, get togethers' and even weddings due to this.

If you are not lucky enough to be living with your partner during this hard time, then you are likely to be hugely affected when it comes to your relationship. You may have grown accustomed to seeing your partner or spending time with him or her on a regular basis or maybe even daily whether at either place of residence or at work or school.
Not being able to see them as often and possible for a long period of time (depending on the status of the virus where you are located ) could be very hard and discouraging.

This article will list a few ways that you can try and maintain your relationship, build it up or keep the spark alive during this time of separation.

1. Don't let Covid-19 stop your contact
Although you can't have any physical contact with your significant other right now, you can still keep your relationship going by making use of other forms of contact and communication.
  • Make numerous phone calls
    There can be nothing sweeter than having a phone call substitute an alarm. Instead of having an alarm clock wake your partner why not be the first thing he or she wakes up to in the morning - a phone call from you. This would also be perfect as the last voice he or she hears before bed as well. Give him or her a phone call to say goodnight or good morning.
    You could also make sure that you stick to a good morning and goodnight text everyday.
  • Video call often if possible
    Sometimes a phone call is just not good enough especially as time passes and the time you've spent apart grows further. A video call as often as possible could really help a great deal. This will allow your partner to "see you" again and not only hear your voice. It will also give you something to look forward to (his or her sweet face of course)
  • Resort to emails sometimes
    Sending a sweet and creative email especially if you are online "working or studying from home" could give your partner something cute to bump into the next time he or she checks their emails. With the option to add cute gifs, meme's or throw in a photo or two, this is bound to put a smile on his or her face.

2. Go virtual dating

Why not grab some popcorn and watch a movie together, have dinner together or watch your favorite show together - all remotely of course.
There is rarely anything that cannot be done remotely these days. If you have a video call application like Skype for example, you can both dress up, sit at the dinner table and enjoy a meal together. To make things a little more exciting you could both:

  • Get dressed up for your dinner date
  • Have the same meal
  • Sit at a table with the laptop placed at the table where your partner would be sitting
  • Add a candle or two to your table

A movie date can be just as much fun remotely as it would be in person. There are numerous apps you could use to make this even more enjoyable.Apps like:
  • Kosmi
  • Synaptop 
  • and Kast 
    allow you to share a movie with someone so that you can watch the same movie together simultaneously even though you're far apart.
3. Find some really cool couples apps for long distance dating.
There are tons of "Long Distance Relationship" Apps out there that can assist in bridging the distance. Technically speaking, even if you are not miles apart due to the lock down you may as well be in a Long Distance Relationship.

4. Send each other gifts or keepsakes.
This would depend on the restrictions within your country or state. If all delivery services are not functioning anymore then this would not be possible. If you still have courier services working or are able to get something dropped of at your partner (even if this is in their mail box) then this may work for you.
  • Send them a cute, sweet or romantic gift purchased online to remind them that you are thinking of them
  • Have a framed photo of the two of you dropped of or delivered to him/her
  • (My favorite) have something of yours delivered or dropped off:
    This could be a pillow or cushion or even an item of clothing (a hoodie or jacket) that has your scent on it. These items will all be perfect for cuddling on a day when he or she misses you most.
5. Fall asleep together.
Although you can't physically be together, you can always be together remotely. 
Video calls are great way of falling asleep together. Video call each other when you are going to bed and keep each other online while you say goodnight and go to sleep. It may not be the same thing but it comes very close.

6. Stay motivated: 
Try to think about the good thing - the good memories, the good times you shared etc. Stay motivated by watching encouraging and feel good videos or movies. Try and avoid the slump of falling into watching depressing or sad videos or movies that will only make you feel worse. Watch videos that make you smile, happy and feel the love. There are many awesome long distance meeting videos where couples who are in a long distance relationship meet for the first time or see each other again after a long period apart. Some of these can be found here: Videos Here

7. Listen to music.
Sometimes listening to music can make you feel better.
Listen to songs that remind you of your partner, upbeat tunes that lift your spirits or music with lyrics that describe the way you feel and promise that things will get better.

8. Don't let the romance die out
There are many ways to be romantic even when you can't be together. Think out of the box and make it count.
A really sweet, cute and cost free idea is getting random messages to your love. Have friends (of yours, his/hers or both) to call/text/email, etc him or her telling him or her how much you love, care for and miss him or her. This will come as a complete shock and is bound to bring a smile to his or her face.
How it works:
Friend Number one calls your love and says "Hey just calling to tell you that (your name) really misses you a lot and loves you and wishes he could be with you this Christmas".

5 minutes later Friend Number 2 calls and says "Hey (her name). I'm (his name), (your name)'s friend. I just wanted to let you know that he or she talks about you 24/7 and is really upset that you can't be together today.

5 minutes after that Friend number 3 texts "Hey (her name). Just a quick note to tell you how much (your name) loves you. he or she is like totally obsessed with you and wishes he or she could be with you right now.

You can have as many people as you'd like do this. For it to to really seem special and not just like a coincidence or something it's best to have at least 5 people do it.

9. Use some interactive apps!
There are numerous " Long Distance relationship" couple apps that you could use to better your relationship while you're apart. Elephant on the road lists the 11 most downloaded apps for long distance relationship couples. You can view the list here

10. Stay positive and Don't give up.
Always look at the bright side:
- You get to miss each other more and see what it's like to be apart.
- You will appreciate the little things more when this is all over. You will be able to hold each other, hold hands, cuddle, have a meal together etc - all the little things you may have taken for granted before.
- You can work on yourself as a person.
- You will realize just how much you need (or dont need) him / her in your life.
Hang on in there. This will soon be over and we can get right back to continuing our awesome life's again. Keep safe and God Bless ❤️

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How Social Media affects and damages your relationship: Social Media and Relationships

 Is social Media good or bad? How will social media affect my relationship? Does social media affect or damage relationships? Can social media course a break-up?

Social media can affect your relationship in many different ways: some good and some bad. There are many ways in which social media can affect and damage your relationship. This article will look at the effect of social media on your relationship and why it may be a good idea to limit or eliminate social media all together.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Tips for studying (distance learning / UNISA) as a working mom / wife : How to balance studying with work, marriage and being a mom

If you have made the decision to study or carry on studying while being a mom - CONGRATULATIONS to you! You have made the ultimate decision to better your life as well as that of your child / family.

The fact that making the decision to better yourself and further your education is a good one for obvious reasons, doesn't take away from the fact that it can be extremely hard. When you are a full time student you are able to dedicate all your time and attention to your studies (before having a child or starting a family and if fortunate enough. without working). But while studying correspondence or making use of distance education while having a family and maintaining a full time job, things can get very hard and stressful.

Stressful or hard does not mean IMPOSSIBLE though!

This article contains a few tips and suggestions to make your studying experience a bit easier and allow you to balance studying with work, family and any other commitments or responsibilities you may have.