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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cute / sweet / unique love names or nicknames for boyfriends / girlfriends

What are some cute nicknames for my boyfriend? What are some cute / romantic/ sweet love names for girls or girlfriends? What are some unique love names for my boyfriend / girlfriend?

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One of the best things about being in a new relationship is figuring out what to call him/her as a love-name, pet-name or nickname. There is nothing more endearing then having something to call your boyfriend/girlfriend that you know makes your relationship special or unique. There are many different nicknames; some unique, some common, some sweet, some romantic and some just plain adorable. This article covers different nicknames or love names for your boyfriend/girlfriend as well as some tips on how to make your own 'unique to you and your relationship' love names.

The purpose of love names

People use love names for many reasons; It just seems to pop up up and stick, It starts off as a joke and you just get used to the idea of calling him/her that or you decide to purposely give your boyfriend/girlfriend a unique love name.

There are many advantages to giving that special person in your life a love name. The most noticeable one is that it gives your relationship a unique aspect and the feeling of somehow claiming your partner as yours in that you're naming him/her. 

By calling your boyfriend or girlfriend something other than his/her name (in a way) you're claiming him/her as yours and somehow showing a bond or connection between the two of you.

Common and Classic Love names / nicknames

Love names are something that have ultimately stood the test of time. They have been there for ages with even classic love stories such as Romeo and Juliet denoting love and affection in the form of love names and nicknames such as 'my love'.

Classic love names serve their purpose if you're not completely comfortable with calling your boyfriend/girlfriend something unique or extremely 'out there' just yet. They allow you to make a claim on your boyfriend or girlfriend in a more subtle way.

Here are some top classic and common love names:
  • My Love / Love
  • Babe / Babez
  • Honey / Hun
  • Sweety / Sweetheart 

Sweet and Romantic love names / nicknames

There are many romantic and sweet love names which can also be used to make your boyfriend / girlfriend feel special and cherished. These are highly romantic as they allow you to compliment your partner as well as constantly remind him/her how you view him/her.

Top Sweet and Romantic love names:
  • Handsome / Beautiful
  • Hottie
  • Angel face
  • Gorgeous
  • My Princess / Prince
  • My Romeo
  • My Superman
  • My Hero
  • My Heart
  • My One and Only
  • My Prince charming
  • My Knight in shining armour
  • My Queen
  • My Beautiful angel / My beautiful Princess
  • Sexxy
  • Cutie / Cutie pie
  • MiAmor
  • My Angel 

Cute and Adorable love names

Cute and adorable love names add to the uniqueness of your relationship just as unique love names do. By calling your boyfriend / girlfriend something cute or adorable you give him/her a side of you they feel only they have access to; the mushie / sweet side. There is nothing like knowing you're the only one that can make him blush by the name you call him or giving her the feeling that she's the only one who has access to your soft side by the cute adorable love name you call her. 

Top cute and Adorable love names:
  • Hunnybear
  • Boo
  • Baby love
  • Snookums
  • Cuddlypuff
  • Love muffin
  • Hunnybun
  • Baby
  • Sweetypie
  • You could also make a 'small form' of his/her name: example, if his name is Chad call him Chadie, Blake - Blakie or Kayne - Kaynie. If her names Leigh call her Lee-Lee, Joane - Jojo, Kate - Katie. The only downside is that some of these names might also be used by family members and friends already so it won't be entirely 'owned' by you.
Special and Unique Love names

Love names can be customised, made unique and made to fit your boyfriend / girlfriend and your relationship especially. 
The great part about customising a nickname or making one up entirely is that if your boyfriend/girlfriend and you are ever separated or not together and he/she happens to see or hear something that reminds him/her of the name it will point only to you and make him/her remember or miss you. Unique nicknames are also great because they allow you and your boyfriend / girlfriend to share something special and unique that no one else has. You will be the only one calling him / her by that name or using that name all together. It won't be something that everyone is calling their boyfriends / girlfriends or something that your boyfriend / girlfriends family / friends or even exes have called him/her before. It will belong entirely to the two of you!

Ways of making Special and Unique Love Names:
  • Pick an animal and customize it: Think about an animal that's your boyfriend/girlfriends favourite, reminds you of him/her (she's cute like a baby panda / he's strong like a shark) or loves the same food as him/her (loves meat like a lion) and customize it to match your partner. Call him Sexy Bear or her Baby panda. It's unique and you will both know exactly why you're calling each other that even though everyone else might find it strange - sort of like an inside joke (always makes things way more exciting and romantic as well as special).
  • Add pooh, bums, baby or love to the end of his/her 'small form' name: If his name is Jake, call him JAKE-y-pooh (Jakeypooh),  JAKE-y-bums (Jakeybums) or JAKE-y-love (Jakeylove). If her name is Jessica call her JESS-y-poo (Jessypooh), JESS-y-bums (Jessybums), JESS-y-baby (Jessybaby) or JESS-y-love (Jessylove).
  • Baby words: Use or make up a baby word to call your loved one - they cute, adorable and unique. Go for something like: Nana, Nuna, Baba, etc
Being in relationships is fun and love-naming is part of that fun so try out a few on your partner and see which ones stick.

Be unique, be fun and be in love!!!

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