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Monday, January 6, 2014

How to tell if he will make a good boyfriend: Will he make a good boyfriend - checklist

Would he make a good boyfriend? How can I tell if he would make a good boyfriend? What are some signs that he would make a good boyfriend?

Trying to judge whether you should give someone a chance to be your boyfriend can be extremely hard especially if you're new to the relationship world or have had your heart broken before.

The easiest way to know whether or not someone would make a good boyfriend is to judge by past relationship failures. Look at all the mistakes you made in choosing exes who led to hurt and use it to choose a future partner - learn from your mistakes. If you're new to the dating world or want some extra tips in judging whether or not someone would be fitting as a boyfriend, make use of the checklist below.

The below checklist can be printed off and used as a screening tool when considering someone as a potential partner. The more ticks (yes's) you have, the better he would be as a boyfriend. There are 20 statements or points to judge so the higher the ticks out of 20, the better.

Remember, just because he made a mistake in the past doesn't necessary mean he'd do it again (cheating, lying, etc), it can be used to judge him though because it is embedded in his character. Like the famous Psychologist, DR Phil, says: "The best predictor of future behaviour is past behavior…"

Will he make a good boyfriend 
'Would he make a good boyfriend' checklist

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