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Friday, October 14, 2011

Am I a good kisser Quiz

Am I a good kisser quiz (For girls)

Am I a good kisser? How kissable am I? Will he kiss me again?
Kissing can often be described as one of the best means of showing affection. The only thing stressful about it can be the fact that you're often left wondering (especially after a first kiss) whether or not you were any good or the best kiss your partners ever had.
There is no sure way of knowing exactly how good your partners other kissers may have been but you can tell by many factors how good he might have thought you were.
Take the following quiz to find out!
Remember to think about MOST of the guys you've kissed for this quiz - in other words the re-actions etc you get from most guys. If you want to know what a specific person thinks then only concentrate on that one person and answer ALL of the questions about him.

  1. How many guys have you kissed?

  2. 1
    More then 4

  3. How many guys have you kissed more then once

  4. none
    more then 3

  5. How long do your kisses usually last

  6. a couple of seconds
    a minute or a couple of minutes
    most turn into make-out sessions

  7. What re-action are you most likely to receive after a kiss

  8. The guy usually comes right back for another (longer) kiss
    We don't usually kiss again / he pretends it never happened
    He usually can't stop smiling. We usually kiss again on another date

  9. Have you ever received any messages or talks about your kisses?

  10. Yes text messages saying what a great kiss we shared
    Yes i'm usually told that the moment was beautiful

  11. Have you heard anything about your kisses

  12. Yes my friends usually tell me how the guy said it was the best kiss he ever had
    Yes i heard I was a good kisser

  13. What's your common kiss rule?

  14. Always go in for the kiss first
    The more tongue the better
    The less tongue the better

  15. How would you describe your kisses

  16. Long, slow and lingering
    Quick and intense
    Short and sweet

  17. How do you remember your first kiss

  18. Was a mistake I vowed never to repeat
    The best kiss ever
    The same as all my other kisses

  19. How do you feel after kissing someone

  20. Excited and happy
    Like I made a mess or shouldn't have done something
    Like I can't wait to do it again

Remember, kissing is something that only gets better with experience. It's a different experience for everyone so even if one guy thought you sucked at kissing the next might think you're perfect. Different things work for different people.
The higher your score the better you are at kissing (according to most of the guys you've kissed). Aim for a high score!
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