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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mom/Daughter Matching Tattoo's - Question and Answer

"I am thinking about getting a tattoo with my daughter. I want something that she can have half of and I have the other half that represents the relationship of a mom and daughter. Where can I go to look at some ideas? I greatly appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you."

Hi There!

Thanks for contacting me with such a great question.

I think that's a really great idea.

This is an article with some great mom and daughter tattoo ideas: Read here
Mother and daughter tattoos - 'rate my ink'
Anything matching (identical tattoos
of something you both like (animals, butterflies, birds, etc) or that means
something to the both of you or maybe something you both enjoy doing) would also be a winner. Another good idea would be to get a big and small of
anything (a big star and small star, big heart/small heart, big dolphin/small dolphin etc).

You might want to go for something sentimental like birth dates, birth months /days, nicknames or initials.

If you'd really like to get half and half or puzzle tattoos a good idea would be to stick to basic couples tattoos and make it appropriate for your relationship. (Look at the pictures in this article and how they match/link) You could add a message like "Like mother (on your daughters half) like daughter (on your half)" In this way you're completing a message 'Like mother - like daughter' and completing a heart when you put the two halfs together. Remember to get your tattoos on opposing body parts in order for it to fit perfectly.

Besides hearts you could get half circles (which signify eternity when completed).

The main point is to PERSONALISE your tattos and make them appropriate. It's all about the two of you so make it a tattoo that's personalised to fit you both perfectly.

Mother and daughter footprint tattoo - 'paintoo'
One of the best ideas I've read up on is a small hand or foot print and a big one maybe the one following the other to signify that your daughter came after you and is following in your footsteps or something.

You could also design a completely unique tattoo together. It would make the whole experience more of a bonding one as well as allow the tattoo to be completely personalised.
Get together (go out for drinks, coffee or ice-cream) and throw some ideas
around. Not only will you have some fun alone time together (which is
always a great thing) but you will also be designing a permanent demonstration of
your love and relationship with each other together.

For ideas on where to place the tattoos read:


Have fun and good luck!

Once you've gotten the tattoo done please send me a pic. I would love to
know what they look like :)

All the best

Jade Monique Taylor

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**Due to not being able to get through to the reader via the email address supplied, I've posted the answer to the question here. **
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