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Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to write the perfect love letter: Romantic love letters

Love letters are beautiful, heart-warming, classic and romantic. If you haven’t yet given or received a love letter, there is no better time than now.

How do I write a love letter? How do you write a good love letter?

If not knowing the answer to these questions has been what’s kept you from writing one then you’ll be writing one sooner than you think.

How to write the perfect love letter

     The first step to writing a love letter is to make sure you write from the heart. The number one thing that makes a love letter what it is is the fact that you’re expressing your TRUE feelings for the one you love. If it’s filled with lies, deceptions or what you think your partner would like to hear then it’s not your true feelings and the love letter looses its essence.
Stick to the truth and you’re love letter will be beautiful.

     Pick a structure.
Love letters take many different forms; they can be poetic or strictly letter formed, short and sweet or long and indepth, and modern or classic.
The first task is to decide exactly what you’d like your love letter to be like. If you’re not a very poetic person you should go for a more modern letter; on the contrary If you are poetic use that to your advantage and tell your partner just how much you love him/her in a beautiful love poem.

     Write a rough draft.
Write down your feelings and whatever you wanna say on a spare piece of paper beforehand. Plan your letter and structure it before writing it down on your final piece of paper. The reason for this is that it will allow your letter to look more presentable with less mistakes or errors.

      Choose the outer appearance.
You can present your love letter in many ways; Classic/Antique, Modern, or creatively.
If you decide to go with antique or classic you can demonstrate this effect by burning the edges of the letter or making it look old. You could also place it in a little chest or similar box to amplify the classic or antiqueness of it.
A modern love letter could be presented in a standard but well decorated envelope. You could hand deliver it or mail it to your partner.
A creative love letter can be folded in many different ways. The top way of folding a love letter is in an origami heart.

Fill it with love

Besides all the beautiful words you're meant to fill your love letter with, seal it with love. Decorate it with hearts or kisses, spray a little perfume/cologne on it to give it your essence and seal it with a kiss. Let your partner feel how much you love him/her through the letter.

Remember: Love letter writing tips

      Stick to the truth!
      Write from the heart!
      Be creative!
      Express your feelings!

     Happy Writing!!!
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