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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cute, Special and Unique Easter gift ideas for Girlfriends / Wives

What are some sweet Easter gift ideas for my girlfriend / wife? What can I get my girlfriend /wife for Easter?
This post is filled with some really sweet, special and unique Easter gift ideas. 
The Bible and the Cross

 Easter gift Ideas for your girlfriend / wife

The best Easter gift anyone could ever give or receive is a Bible. Easter is all about remembering the fact that Jesus traded His life for ours and paid the price for our sins giving us everlasting life. We know this through His word and His word is in the Bible. By giving your girlfriend / wife a beautiful Bible this Easter you're allowing her to remember the true reason why we celebrate this beautiful period.

In order to make the gift more personalized write a dedication to her on the first / cover page of the Bible. Tell her that you love her and that you Pray God keeps her safe always or that you hope you're love for each other will grow stronger through the love of God and that God will Bless your love and relationship forever.

For only $4 this is really one gift worth getting the one you love this Easter.

Retail Price: $13.99
You Save: $10.00

A Beautiful Personalized Cross

This is one gift that is highly unique and personalized, affordable, beautiful and gets the meaning of Easter across perfectly.
Easter is one of the most important days on the Christian calendar as we celebrate the gift of everlasting life which we received from God through Jesus Christ as He gave His life for us on the CROSS. The fact that this gift is personalized with the name of your girlfriend / wife or a special short message makes giving your girlfriend / wife a cross this Easter one of the best gift choices you could ever make.

   Retail Price: $32.49
   You Save: $10.00

A stunning customized Christian key chain 

This gift is similar to the personalized cross. It brings the same meaning and value of Easter as a gift and allows beautiful cusomization by name or message. It's a gift that your girlfriend / wife can always keep with her remembering the price Jesus paid for us and the love you have for her (shown in you giving her this precious gift).

Retail Price: $28.89
You Save: $10.00

A Personalized Christian Compact

If you're girlfriend / wife's a girly-girl then this will definitely be a gift that she will be truly excited to receive.
This beautiful compact (with mirror inside) is a great gift for any girl / lady. It will allow her to make sure that she's constantly looking good (just what every girl loves) as well as remembering the fact that you got her the gift and keeping the thought of Jesus is her heart always.

What adds to the beauty of this gift is the fact that it allows a personal touch of adding her name to the compact customizing it completely.
Retail Price: $30.69
You Save: $10.00

Easter Hamper 

If you're looking for a really sweet, cute and fun Easter present then an Easter gift hamper would be perfect. You can never go wrong with one of these. They're filled with sweet treats, Easter eggs, chocolates and a cute Easter bunny - everything that makes for a fun and traditional Easter.
If you'd like to personalize this gift put a hamper together yourself. You know your girlfriend / wifes favourite chocolates or sweets so shop around for some, grab a cute Easter bunny and some Easter eggs and wrap everything together in a really pretty way for her. She'll appreciate the fact that you took the time to put everything together.
If you're a little short on time, buying a beautiful hamper like the one below would be just as effective without the extra time it takes to shop around for everything individually.
                                               Retail Price: $59.99
                                                You Save: $10.00


Going back to the real reason behind Easter, giving the love of your life a beautiful rosary would allow her to feel close to her faith and the beautiful gift we received from God in an antique and almost classic kind of way.
                                                           Retail Price: $47.95
                                                           You Save: $10.00


This is one gift that could leave your girlfriend / wife with two different messages. Let her know that she's your Angel (because of all she does for you, the fact that she's always there for you, etc) or that you Pray that guardian Angels will always protect her and keep her safe (because that's how much you love her).
                                                                Retail Price: $37.95
                                                                 You Save: $10.00

No matter what you get the one you love this Easter remember the real reason for this glorious celebration.

May your love for your girlfriend /wife and your love for God increase with every passing day.
Have a Blessed Easter!!!

God Bless!!!
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