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Friday, April 13, 2012

A message in a bottle: The most Sweet / Romantic and Affordable gift ever

What are some unique but affordable gift ideas? Are there any affordable but unique or special gift ideas for long distance / long term relationships? What is a great gift for someone who lives far from you? What are some romantic and unique gift ideas for the one you love?
Ocean Breeze message in a bottle romantic gift by Timeless Message
A message in a bottle: A modernized and yet classic gift

If you're looking for something affordable and unique then a message in a bottle is the perfect gift for you.
Anstrella message in a bottle romantic gift by Timeless Message
One of the many beautiful deigns

A message in a bottle

This is the ideal gift from the heart because it's all about you and the one you love! You choose the design and the message making it completely personalised (a complete gift starting from only $22!).
This gift is perfect if you don't live together - you're partner studies or works away, is in the army or you just live far apart. This is one of the top gifts for bridging the distance gap with an element of classic romance (which is so often forgotten today).

The message in the bottle is delivered directly to to the one you love on the date you choose (his / her birthday, your anniversary or any other date of significance chosen by you).

This gift brings something antique and classic into a modern environment and is something that your partner is guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised by ensuring that he/ she treasures it forever.
The fact that the gift is so customisable allowing you to completely design the message that goes in the bottle makes it even more special: tell your boyfriend you love him with your whole heart or your girlfriend that you miss her more and more each day or maybe let your wife / husband know that you're never complete without him / her; let your partner know how much he / she means to you in a really romantic and unique way.

The Key To My Heart message in a bottle romantic gift by Timeless Message
Different designs - from $22 (delivered to that one special person)
The fact that this gift is filled with surprise makes it even more worthwhile. Due to the highly secretive wrapping your partner will have absolutely no idea what it is or who it's from until the packaging is completely open and he/she will only know who it's from once the message in the bottle is read! If the one you love loves surprises then this is perfect for him / her.

Go on and be unique this year. Give the one you love something special that he / she will treasure and remember forever.

More important than the gift you decide on getting him / her make sure that he/she is able to feel the love you have for him/her ALWAYS.
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My Book!!! Click on the image to read the first couple of chapters online
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