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Thursday, June 21, 2012

True love conquers everything: Dealing with Parents being against your relationship - True Love interview

His parents don't approve of us dating. My Parents don't like my boyfriend. How do I deal with the fact that my parents don't like my girlfriend? My parents don't want us to be together.
Whether any of these thoughts have crossed your mind once in a while or flood your mind daily, this is the perfect article for you.
I did an interview with a really amazing and interesting young lady, Jenny Potter who's 17 years old and from Paris. Her story was really inspiring and is bound to motivate and encourage you in any aspect of your relationship. Enjoy!


Q: Thanks a lot for doing this interview with us Jenny and for sharing your story. I’m sure it will be an inspiration to many. Please tell us more about your relationship; How long have you been together? Where did you meet? http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/images/blank.gif
Teenagers holding hands
I had lost my wallet and he found it. He called me because my calling card was in it. A bit after that we met in the park near my town and soon became friends. We’ve now been together for a year and 7 months.

Q: That’s a really long time. Congratulations! :)http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/images/blank.gif
I really love the way you met. It's like a true story of fate and destiny. Wow!
What do you love most about him?
 Him; always being funny. I love his jokes. He can make me laugh even when I refuse to smile. I love his sweetness. He’s always sending me flowers, and just being so sweet and respectful.

Q: Awww he really seems so very special. I love how he treats you. What do you think makes your relationship precious or unique??
Being childish makes our relationship unique. We can be on a date and at the same time playing with kids. We love to go wherever we’re free to do things like shout, run, etc. Like children. We don’t take our relationship too seriously for now even though we’ve been together so long. We treat each other more like best friends. We don’t like it when there are older people staring at us like we're doing something wrong. Being with children is an occasion full of smiles and less drama.

Young love
Q: That’s great though. The number one most important factor in a relationship is friendship. If you can be best friends that is always great because when the attraction wares off that’s all you have left and that’s the one ingredient that can make true love last forever.
It’s really romantic how he treats you so nicely (the flowers and everything).
What would you say is the sweetest thing your boyfriend has said to or done for you?
I asked him once, 'what if, one day u found out that I have only 24hrs left on this earth. How would you spend those 24hrs with me?'

After few minutes of thinking, he held my hand and said:
"I’d want to spend those 24hrs with it just being the two of us. Instead of spending it inside the hospital I'd take you to our place. We would go to the beach and sit on the shed of one of the windmills there. I’d let u talk and talk until you ran out of words. I want to memorize your voice and the way you talk, because I know I will miss it so much.
At sunset, I’d stop u from talking by kissing your soft lips. I’d hold your hands like this while reminiscing the happy days we had. When the night is cold I'd hug u tight to keep your body warm.
I wouldn’t cry because I’d want u to think that i'd be okay even if you wouldn’t be beside me anymore. I’d want u to sleep peacefully thinking that everything would be all right. But deep down inside me, I’d know it would take me a lifetime to be okay. It would take me a lifetime to forget our memories together. It would take me a lifetime to move on and be myself again.
When you closed your eyes slowly, I'd touch your face; feeling you. And when you'd finally sleep and rest, I'd kiss your pale lips, wanting to feel your last breath... 

And after the 24hrs, I’d be the one to manage your facebook :)http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/images/blank.gif:)"

I wrote it in my notebook. That's what he said word by word. :)http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/images/blank.gif I wrote it all down. That's what he said word for word. :)http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/images/blank.gif Drama! But that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard in my whole life.

Q: At least you know your facebook would be in good hands lol. 
Seriously though, that really is so romantic wow... It’s like a scene out of a romantic movie.
Despite the romance and all the greatness your relationship might hold, I know all relationships do have their fair share of challenges. What would you say has been your biggest challenge or struggle within your relationship (if there has been anything)?
Probably the fact that my dad wants me to break up with him. He doesn’t really like Nathan for me. Besides that,  he wants me to get high grades and become top of the class so he’s not really keen on me being in a relationship. My boyfriend is so brave though. He spoke to my dad (which must have been so scary) thanks to my mom and 2 brothers who believe in him.

True Love Conquers Everything

Q: A lot of people out there go through similar problems with regards to parents and stuff.
You seem to have experience on the whole thing as well. What advice would you give to other couples out there that are facing a similar problem; either of their parents don't approve of their relationship for any reason?
Fight for what is right. If you think that he or she is good for you then make it count! Do not let other people move you apart or let your relationship fail at their hands. PROVE to them that their impressions are wrong. And despite all the problems or anything you might be going through, SMILE!
Don’t be affected and don’t worry. U have a prince to protect u. :)

Q: Such beautiful and inspiring words. You're are so right. We should all make our own decisions and not let anyone bring us down or steal our joy.
If there was one movie or song that you felt described your relationship for any reason, what would it be and why?
OURS by TAYLOR SWIFT because when I first heard the song, the 2nd verse really stood out to me.
"Seems like there's always someone who disapproves. They'll judge us like they know about me and u..."
The lyrics describe so closely what we feel every time were together and some people are staring at us like we've committed a crime.

The chorus - - " so don't u worry your pretty little mind, PEOPLE THROW ROCKS AT THINGS THAT SHINE and life makes love look hard..."
The chorus inspired us and made us realise the pain they give us makes our relationship better & stronger!

I also love the first song he ever dedicated to me. It's 'Happily Ever After' by John Cedrick
It’s really cute.

Q: Thank you so much Jenny. You're really such an amazing person and your relationship seems really great.
I wish you both all the love and Blessings in the world.
I'm sure your story will touch and inspire many people just as it did me.

You sure are welcome!
Bienvinida amiga. Mor:More power to your website. God bless.

Thanks a lot to Jenny for sharing her story. May her relationship grow and prosper to become something 10 times greater than what it already is.

This interview demonstrates the fact that fate does exist and destiny is real. Sometimes Fairytales don’t only exist in movies. It also shows the fact that there’s always going to be someone who throws negative energy towards your relationship or is not happy about who you choose to be with. The important thing to remember is that focusing on the one you care about is more important than focusing on the negative energy.

This is the Second of our new feature 'True Love Stories'. If you feel that you or someone you know has a true love story to tell (one that's unique, sweet, romantic, or special to you) please let us know at Lovelifeandrelationships@gmail.comOur True Love Stories are stories from ordinary people with something special to say. They are unique, inspiring or just plainly put worth reading.
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