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Saturday, June 16, 2012

What's the difference between True love and Infatuation: How to tell True love from Infatuation

What's the difference between love and infatuation? How do I know whether I'm in love or infatuated? How can you differentiate love from infatuation?

True love and Infatuation

There is big difference (or rather many single differences) between being in love or loving someone and being infatuated. Many often confuse feelings of infatuation (or "fake love") with the real thing - true love. 
This article contains the top differences between true love and Infatuation.


True Love

Infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by unreasoning desire.
True love is a decision to commit oneself to another and to work through conflicts instead of giving up. A deeper understanding or care.
Infatuation: You know exactly why you love someone
True Love: You can’t quite put your finger on it – there is just so much that makes him/her special and you don’t love him/her for any particular reason.
Infatuation: You fell in love quickly (you are likely to also fall out of love just as quickly). True love takes time. If he/she loves you after being together a month or 2 (or even less), it is not love it’s infatuation.
True Love: It took time to fall in love. You can't love someone you don't know.
Infatuation: You both free to do whatever you like and it doesn’t bother either of you (you both/either of you goes on dates with other people, flirts with other people, would rather spend time with others (friends, etc) than with each other).
True Love: You fight about what’s okay and what isn’t because you care too much to allow your relationship to become a casual one.
Infatuation: You’ve felt this way before (with an ex or fling other than your current boyfriend).
True Love: You’ve never felt this way about anyone else before.
Infatuation: If you have a fight it doesn’t bother you much – you just wait until it’s over and everything can pick up where it left off.
True Love: Knowing you’re fighting really upsets you. You hate feeling like you’re mad at each other.
Infatuation: If you needed to, you know you could move on.
True Love: You’ve tried moving on but keep finding your way back to each other.
Infatuation: You think the other person is perfect, flawless, or better than anyone else.
True Love: You know the other person has faults and what they are; you know all of his/her faults and weaknesses and yet LOVE him or her still.
Infatuation: You don’t feel the same way you did when you first “fell in love” it’s like some of the feelings have slowly faded.
True Love: You still love him / her exactly the same (or even more) since you said those 3 words (I love you) – True love doesn’t fade, not even a little.
Infatuation: Out of sight out of mind - When you're not with him / her you can easily forget about him / her or find a replacement.
True Love: Absence makes the heart grow fonder - When you're not with him / her you miss him / her tremendously and value him / her more.

Infatuation: Disagreements and trials often destroy infatuation.

The ultimate difference:
True Love: Real love lasts through disagreements and trials.
 If you’ve had tons of ups and downs and rough times but have managed to make it through and still stay together / love each other that is true love -   infatuation would have walked away a very long time ago.
Love is what makes you stay when everything or everyone else tells you to leave. It makes you wanna be with him / her despite everything else. It keeps you coming back no matter how many times you find yourself hurt. It makes you hopeful, patient and trusting. Love is the glue that keeps special relationships together. Love lasts forever, infatuation doesn't.

Due to the fact that love is so delicate you need your mind to help you protect yourself sometimes. If you're in an abusive relationship or any kind of relationship that is ultimately hurtful or detrimental to you; you need to use your mind to overwrite the love and leave.

True love doesn't hurt the one he / she loves either. If you and your partner love and care for each other the same and both treat each other with love and respect then hold onto that love and allow it to grow and blossom. 

There is nothing more special than loving deeply and being loved in return.
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  1. I agree with true love and completely dislike the idea of infatuation. Being married for 34 years my husband has never left my side.
    Being without your hair and make up done and still having him love you really is another strong point of true love and not infatuation. True love is through the good, bad, happy and sad. He is with you when you're hurting and everything and will be there for you throughout the low places in life and someone who's infatuated by you will have moved on already.

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment :)
      So very true!
      True love is something that stands the test of time. When you really love someone trials and everything don't make a difference. They might cause temporary problems but in the long run everything is okay because like the Bible says "Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, ALWAYS PERSEVERES".


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