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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is there only one person out there for you?

Is there only 1 person out there for me? Is there only one person for everybody out there? If I miss a chance with my one true love does that mean I'll never find another?
The thought of a break-up or when missing an ex especially can leave a mind flooded with questions of 'what if'. You're often left wondering 'what if he / she was actually my one true love and now I'll never find anyone else' or 'what if he / she was the right one for me and I just let him / her go'? How do you know if that was your 'one true love' and if he / she was, could you find another 'one true love'?

In order to answer the question of whether or not there is only one person for every person out there we need to look at a number of factors and then see whether or not it is possible to find these factors in more than one person.

What is it that we 'love' about someone?

The following are all examples of some of the top characteristics we might love in someone making them the 'one' for us.

  • Their personality: Many people have similar or identical personalities especially if your thinking on a world wide or nation wide scale and not merely on a scale of those immediately around you. This can be demonstrated in the fact that we get a long well with a certain group or type of people (maybe those who have a great sense of humour, those who are loud, those who are reserved or quiet, etc). Judging on this aspect of love alone it is clear that there is not only one person out there for you.
  • Their looks: It's quite obvious to note that there are many similar people out there with regards to looks or appearance. Many dress similarly (hip hop look or skater boy look, etc), have certain features (good looking, attractive, beautiful, pretty, hot, etc) or present themselves in a certain way (big egos, modest, confident, etc). Put more simply there is not just one person out there who is beautiful, one that's attractive or one that has tons of confidence; there are many, therefore judging on this aspect of love alone, again there is not just one person for you out there.
  • Morals or the way he/she treats you: There are many people out there who are respectable, from good moral backgrounds and treat others with respect. There is definitely not only one person out there with regards to this but if everyone else you come in contact with seems to miss this point in their lives or are more of the 'bad guy or girl' type and you don't find that attractive then you need to change where you're looking because there really are lots of people out there with this characteristic.
  • So much in common: There is guaranteed to be more than one person out there who might love animals as much as you do, the outdoors just like you, dancing, sport or anything else you love doing. It's also important to know that even if you don't have every little thing in common that's not all that counts in a relationship and sometimes little differences are what makes a relationship function.
Are there many people out there for me?

By looking at some of the major points many might consider or look for in a potential partner, boyfriend or girlfriend and judging only on these characteristics while seeing that these characteristics aren't only found in one person but rather different groups of people, it becomes clear to see why there might not necessarily only be one person out there for you.

Relationships aren't only based on a bunch of characteristics though. They involve work, compromising and an ability to work together in order to make the relationship a success.

Although there might be many people out there with similar characteristics with regards to looks, personality traits, likes or morals, the important thing to remember is that as human beings WE ARE ALL UNIQUE. Each and everyone of us has aspects that makes us different when looking deeper. We all have a unique mix of those characteristics and someone who might love the same sport as you or have the type of morals you're looking for might not have the sense of humour you love or treat you the way you'd like him / her to. Someone who treats you the way you'd like might not like the same things you do or have the kind of look you go for. We're all different.

Due to us all being unique in some way or another, in that respect you could say yes - there is only one person that might be the best suited for you out there.
  • You might not have everything in common but you meet in the middle.
  • He / she's personality might not be 100% matched to yours but you tolerate all of his / her differences.
  • He / she might not have all the same morals or beliefs as you do but you respect each other and the way you see things.
  • Despite your differences or how he / she doesn't get a full 'check list' on what you look for in a partner you get on better with him / her than you do with anyone else. 
The list could be endless.

Conclusion to the question ' Is there only one person out there for you'

Despite the many similarities across all people there MIGHT just only be that 'one person' you can completely fit with (differences included). Some of us are lucky enough to find this person quickly, some of us take a little longer and others go through life never finding him / her at all.

The important thing is to be able to realise that feeling you get when you've met 'the one person out there for you' and to never let him / her pass you by because you never really know if there are others other there for you.
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