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Friday, October 5, 2012

'Am I a clingy / needy girlfriend/boyfriend' quiz

'Am I clingy / needy' quiz

Am I too needy? Am I too clingy? How do I know if I'm a needy / clingy girlfriend / boyfriend?

Feelings of love can sometimes be confusing. At times we may feel so in love with the next person that we can't help but fuss and focus all our attention on them. There is a difference though from being a loving girlfriend / boyfriend and a clingy or needy one.

The following quiz should help you read the signs better.

  1. Do you get upset or angry if you’re boyfriend/girlfriend spends time with his/her friends ?
  2. yes no It never happens
  3. How much of his/her free time would you like your partner to spend with you?
  4. All of it Most of it As much as he/she wants to
  5. Do you get jealous of your partner going out without you?
  6. Yes No It never happens
  7. Do you go through your partner’s messages or call records
  8. Yes No / I would never I haven't but I would
  9. Have you ever emotionally blackmailed your partner into spending time with you?
  10. Yes No Sometimes
  11. Do you make your partner feel guilty for having fun without you?
  12. Yes No Only with good reason
  13. How often do you check your partners social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace)?
  14. A few times a day once a day only when I get a notification
  15. Do you ever go out / have fun without your partner?
  16. yes No I'm never without my partner
  17. Do you feel like your partner is too good for you (looks or personality?)
  18. Yes No - I'm too good for him/her No - We're good enough for each other
  19. Do you fear that he/she will leave or break-up with you?
  20. yes Sometimes No
Remember, almost all relationship problems can be worked on and fixed. In my opinion being clingy or needy is a really minor relationship issue and can definitely be worked on and around. It is definitely not something worth ending your relationship over.

The higher your score; the more clingy / needy you are.
Read the article at the end of the grading for tips on decreasing being clingy or needy.

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