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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Being in love is being able to be yourself around him/her - Thought for the day

True love is being with someone with whom you can be yourself completely.

  • No Pretending
  • No being someone else
  • No being who you think he or she wants you to be
  • No saying what you think he or she wants you to say
When you truly love someone and they truly love you, you should be able to feel confident in being yourself; whether you're really outspoken, shy, crazy or loud - NO PRETENCES.

When you fall in love you want to be with that one person 'forever'. What good will it do if you have to spend 'forever' trying to be someone you're not? Do you really want to spend forever trying to keep up with being the person you pretended to be when you first met your partner? That's what causes relationships to end. 
So many times we've heard a relationship end or a divorce happen with the lines 'he changed' or 'she changed' being thrown around. The truth is no one changes; they just become more of themselves and unfortunately the person you fell in love with was not who you thought they were. They didn't change; they just showed their true colours. 

Be yourself and see the true person your partner is, that way you'll be sure whether you love each other for who you really are or who you think or wish the other is.

True love will love you for you!
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My Book!!! Click on the image to read the first couple of chapters online
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