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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Caught in a 'love triangle': What is a love triangle?

What is a long triangle? What does the term 'love triangle mean? How do you deal with a love triangle?
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Love triangles are often depicted in movies and stories but truth be told, they are just as common in every day life.

What is a love triangle?
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'Love triangle' is the term often used to describe a highly complex love situation. As previously mentioned, love triangles are common in movies and books or stories but they are common in real life too.

A love triangle is a situation involving three people with a common factor of love involved in them.
  • A love triangle can involve two guys and a girl or two girls and a guy.
  • Sometimes two individuals have feelings for the same person.
  • Sometimes one person is confused with regards to his/her feelings for two people and can't decide which of the two to be with.
  • Sometimes one person has feelings for the other but the person they have feelings for has feelings for the third person and he or she may or may not have the same feelings for him/her.
Why love triangles aren't pleasant

Love triangles can be horrible due to the fact that one person usually ends up hurt. As has been made evident, a love triangle involves three people and a relationship involves only two. This makes it clear that when all is said and done, at least one person is bound to end up hurt.

In some love triangles one person is forced to choose between two people who he/she might care about resulting in one of the people being left heart-broken. In this circumstance there is no 'win-win' situation and someone is bound to end up alone.

In other love triangle situations, person A might have feelings for person B but person B has feelings for person C and person C doesn't even realize it or feel the same way for person B resulting in two people not being happy.

Example of a Love Triangle - In a movie
Image courtesy of Panpote / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The best example of a true love triangle would be that as depicted in the movie Twilight:

  • Bella is torn between being with Jacob or Edward. 
  • She has feelings for both of them.
  • She can only be with one of them and the other ends up getting hurt.

Love triangles are highly complex. They can be emotionally draining and depending on the 'corner' you might find yourself in, they could result in heart-break and pain.

The important thing to remember is to put yourself in the other person / peoples shoes as much as possible. Understand that the situation cant be easy on any of you and respect each others feelings as much as possible.

At the end of the day, a relationship involves two people and not three so be prepared for any decisions the situation may involve.
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