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Monday, July 13, 2015

Getting out of the “friendzone”: How do I get out of the "friendzone"?

How do I get out of the friendzone? How can I become more than just a friend? How can I make him / her see me as more than a friend?

Being in the “Friendzone’ is one of the trickiest places to be. It’s so easy to slide into the little box and hectically hard to crawl back out of it.

This article contains a few tips or ideas to help you escape from the dreaded ‘Friendzone’.

1.       Be more than just a friend.

It may be easy to be a friend: a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, an extra pair of hands in an hour of need. Sometimes you need to add just a little bit more to make sure that you’re seen as more than just a friend. Let the little ‘friendly additions’ be just that – additions to be valued.

If you’re a girl – dress up a little. Look more like a ‘date’ and less like a mate. Make him look at you in a different way. You’ll notice if he does and you'll be a few steps closer to getting out of the “friendzone’ box.

If you’re a guy – use some nice smelling cologne and get close enough for her to smell it. Girls love that. If she hasn’t noticed that you’re not just another ‘girlfriend’ she will now.

2.       Flirt

Break away from the platonic texts. Yes it’s awesome that she can vent to you, cry to you and complain about everything and you give the best advice and make her feel better BUT you need to let her know that you’d like to be more than that.

3.       Hint

Say stuff like:
- Did you know the best couples are usually best friends?
- What do you think we'd be like in a relationship?
- You're like my idea of the perfect girlfriend / boyfriend.
By using hints you may or may not get the reaction you want - he / she could seem shocked, surprised, excited, find it funny etc. Expect anything.  Regardless of their reaction though you will have planted a seed in their head. If he / she didn't see you as, envision you as or ever think of you as more than a friend; he / she will think about it now. It's not guaranteed that he / she will feel the same way BUT its more likely to be an option or possibility now.

4.       Do stuff with her more than for her

Instead of picking up something for her suggest picking her up and doing it together. Go on ‘mini dates’, spend time doing what couples will do. You need to give him or her the opportunity to see you in the light of a boyfriend or girlfriend so put yourself in a space where a couple would usually be.

5.       Say it!

When all else fails, honesty is the best policy. Use an ice breaker (this article could work!) ask him or her what they think about it and whether or not they would put you in the friendzone.

The truth of the matter is the best friends make the best loves (most of the time anyway). In order to be a friend you’ve got to care deeply about someone, respect them, value them, enjoy their company, have something in common and know them very well. In the same way your friend is likely to find comfort in you, enjoy your company, confide in you, feel confident that you’ve got their back and trust you. THESE ARE ALL AWESOME QUALITIES TO HAVE IN A RELATIONSHIP OR WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND!!!
It is highly likely that if you can be awesome friends especially best friends that you may have a fighting chance at a relationship.

You will never know if you don’t brave it all and give it a shot.

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