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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Signs that your boyfriend / girlfriend is cheating: How do I know if he / she is cheating?

How do I know if he’s cheating? Signs that he’s cheating
Is he cheating? How do I know if he’s cheating? Signs that he’s cheating on me.

Cheating is one of the biggest causes of break-ups. Sometimes, however, you may stay in a relationship and not even be aware that your “better-half” is not being completely faithful to you. It’s better to know in order to move on as quickly as possible before getting hurt even worse in the end.

There is no sure way of telling whether or not your partner is cheating unless he either confesses or you get valuable proof or catch him red-handed. You may suspect infidelity though and once you do then there is probably a valid reason for your speculation. The fact that you are reading this article already shows that you’re having doubts regarding the faithfulness of your partner.

The following should help confirm your suspicions or show you where you might be going wrong or may need to do some further investigating.

Signs that your boyfriend might be cheating

1.       He has drastic mood swings
Drastic mood swings can easily be attributed to stress, pressure or just random mood swings. You alone know what kind of person you’re dating. If your boyfriend has always been a moody person even since the beginning of your dating life then this might not likely be attributed to cheating. If this is a change in his behaviour then it's likely he may be hiding something like an affair. Often cheaters become easily angered towards their partners when they are being unfaithful. Some of this can be attributed to guilt other times as an aim to "justify" their behaviour (we're always fighting that's why I cheat - even though they are starting the fights or making a big deal out of nothing in order to have a fight) and as a means of getting time to cheat ( start a fight so that they can walk out or leave, or you leave and they have the time away from you to be with someone else).

2.       He randomly becomes unavailable
If there are random periods when you suddenly can’t get hold of your boyfriend there might be something wrong with the situation. If on more than one occasion he / she randomly disappears - his / her phone stops working, he / she falls asleep really early or she / she has no network signal then you should definitely be suspicious.

3.       You are only able to see him on certain days
This is usually a definite sign that your partner is scheduling his / her time in order to manage somewhat of a "double life".

4.       Most holidays like Christmas or New years day or Valentines day he is not around
This may also be a sign. if he / she values you or your relationship they should be available for these days unless they are working and you are sure of this). A lack of availability on major holidays or his / her birthday may mean that they are spending these with someone else.

5.       He turns his phone away from you to reply emails or sms’s
If your partner is secretive regarding who he / she communicates with or what is being said, this may be rather suspicious. Similarly, leaving to answer or make a call outside or in the bathroom, this may indicate disaster.

6.       He won’t let you come to his place after dating for a very long while
This may be a sign that you are the other woman / man. If your partner is married, in a committed relationship or cohabiting, this is often the only way to hide this.

7.       You haven’t met his family after dating for a few months
Again, a sign that you may be the third party would be hiding you from those closest to him for obvious reasons.

8.       He isn’t on any social networks like Facebook or my space - Or tells you that he isn't.
Despite the negativity sometimes linked to social networks when it comes to relationships, they can sometimes be one of the biggest helps in figuring out the loyalty of your partner. If he / she claims to not have social media network profiles at all (no facebook, myspace, instagram, twitter, etc) then either 1. He or she doesn't want anyone to know what's going on in their romantic relationships to avoid you or someone else from knowing that he / she is cheating or 2. He or she does have social media profiles and is in another relationship and have blocked you so that you are unable to find him / her online and find out the truth. This is the modern age and almost everyone does have at least one social media profile. If your partner says that he / she doesn't, chances are high that he pr she is hiding something.

9. There is no sign of you on his social media
Staying on social media, if he or she does have a profile but there is no sign of you or your relationship on it this too is a cause for concern.
- he / she only uploads selfies or photos of anything besides you.
- he / she refuses to accept your relationship request with different excuses
- he / she has never posted anything about you or your relationship
- he or she hides or deletes anything where you have tagged him / her in.

10. You've heard rumors that he / she is being unfaithful
All rumours may not be true but they are definitely worth investigating. There can be no harm in being sure.
If you are hearing similar rumours from more than one person then this is even more of reason to investigate.

Cheaters can be slick and cunning. They will lie to cover up anything you may uncover unless you have solid facts that they can not cover anymore. I've had an ex who I found a stranger with a profile pic of him and her on facebook and confronted him about it - he told me she was his cousin who I just hadn't met yet. I believed him until I found more explicit proof a few months later of there ongoing affair. Don't be naive. Be sure but be open minded too.

Good luck!
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