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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thinking about your ex: Thought for the day

How do you get over your ex? How do you move forward? How do you get closure? How do you forget your ex?

Sometimes the simple answer is - you never do. If it's been two or three years and you still think about your ex, he / she still crosses your mind or you still find yourself checking their social media just to catch a glimpse of a photo of them - chances are you never will forget your ex or move on in the sense of the term.

Sometimes you can fully understand that you can't be together and maybe you never will. That doesn't make you care less for them or think about them less but it makes living without them easier.

There are a million things that could give you closure or make things easier. Sometimes you have to be proactive in seeking that closure for yourself - hunting it down and applying it to help yourself cope. Other times you may be lucky and almost like a gift, some closure might just drop into your life.

One of the most convenience examples of this is knowing that your ex thinks about you too. A song "Do you Ever" by Ne-you explains this perfectly. Sometime you know you can't be together but you still just want to know whether your ex still thinks about you, still misses you or still wonders about you sometimes. When you manage to run into this information especially when you haven't actively seeked it out, it can be one of the best feelings ever. Social media networks (some of them - Facebook EXCLUDED) record who views your profile and may provide you with this information. By going on to Google and searching in the relevant term "is it possible to see who viewed my twitter profile / LinkedIn profile, Instagram Profile" etc you can gain insight into this.

Coming across your exes name in your "people who viewed your profile" can really do wonders for your closure or feelings especially if it's been sometime since your break-up (a few months or years). 
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