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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 Reasons why cheating is a BAD IDEA / Why you should NOT cheat

Is cheating a bad idea? Why should I avoid cheating? Will I get caught if I cheat? Is it okay to cheat just once?

Put simply cheating is a bad idea. If you're looking to find a quick and to the point answer for why, just think "Ashley Madison". Ashley Madison, described as the most discrete platform for cheating and having an affair recently came under fire when the personal information of numerous members was publicly leaked online. Many became ultimately exposed for their cheating ways proving the saying true - all good things must come to an end or rather come out in the light.

On a more logical level, there are numerous reasons why you may want to avoid cheating or having an affair. below are a few major reasons why.

Why you should never cheat or have an affair
  1. You're ultimately damaging, destroying and if nothing else, changing someone else.
    When you choose to cheat, you are making the decision but it doesn't only affect you. it affects your current partner and if you have children together it affects them too. Cheating is ultimately an extremely selfish thing to do.
    The person you are cheating on, if they find out (which more often then not they eventually will), will be changed completely.
    - He / she will question their self-image and loose some if not all of their self-esteem.
    - He / she will question love (and sometimes life too) doubting whether or not love truly exists due to your actions. At times they may question whether or not they themselves are capable of being loved.
    - They may blame themselves.
  2. You may be destroying a relationship which could have been "the one" for you.
    Sometimes cheating is done as a total once off mistake. maybe you're intoxicated, angry or just experimenting uncertain about the extent of the damage done by your actions - the answer to this would be: IT COULD POTENTIALLY RESULT IN YOU LOOSING THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. If you truly love the person you're with you wouldn't cheat no matter the situation, circumstance or environment. When you love someone you can't see yourself with anyone else especially not while you're still together.

  3. Once it's done you can't go back.
    Cheating is not reversible. It is possible to feel guilty and flooded with regret especially if it was a one time thing and you were intoxicated, angry or had your mindset altered some or other way - if you really love your partner you will regret doing it and never want to do it again. This being said, no amount of regret or remorse will reverse what happened. You can't take it back, you can't undo it, you can't refill the part of your relationship that you will have destroyed. You can apologize for it but it won't change the fact that it happened. Even if you do try and fix your relationship or your partner gives you another chance, it will always be a part of your relationship forever.
  4. You're going to have to live with it.If you really love your partner, as mentioned above, you're going to feel guilty and there will be nothing you can do to change things. it will be something you will have to live with forever. More so, if your partner decides to end your relationship and move on, you will never be able to forgive yourself for throwing away your relationship over something as foolish as cheating or having an affair.
    If there are children involved, you will have more that you will have to live with - you will have been the reason for them having a broken home. Your marriage or relationship with their mother / father will be over and when they're older if they aren't old enough to understand why already, they are bound to find out that you were the main reason for the ending of it.
  5. You're putting yourself and your current partner at risk.HIV and numerous other STDs are highly evident in the world today, more and more people are infected with these diseases on a regular bases. Sleeping around is highly selfish because you are putting your current partner at risk of contracting any of these diseases unknowingly. if your partner is breastfeeding or pregnant this is dangerous to your baby as well. 

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