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Thursday, October 29, 2015

What does baby look like at 7 weeks pregnant: Video and Images

How big is my baby at 7 weeks pregnant? How developed is my 7 week old fetus / embryo? How big is my 7 week old fetus / embryo? Does my 7 week old fetus / embryo have feet?
7 weeks pregnant - Baby Center

According to Baby Center, a informative baby and pregnancy information site, at 7 weeks pregnancy, your baby is about the size of a Blueberry. He / she is just beginning to develop little paddle like arms and legs. The baby would also be developing eye-lids round about now.

You're likely to be experiencing a little more frequent urination as well as a peak in morning sickness and nausea. Morning sickness usually eases up and often disappears by around 14 weeks. Some people do experience it throughout their pregnancy's though (it's less common though).

Baby at 7 weeks pregnant: Video

For more information visit the Baby Center website - 7 weeks pregnant page.

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