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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is my boyfriend / husband cheating - Quiz

Is my boyfriend / husband cheating
How do I know if he’s cheating? Signs that he’s cheating
Is he cheating? How do I know if he’s cheating? Signs that he’s cheating on me.

  1. Does he have drastic or sudden mood changes - suddenly angry or snappy

  2. Yes

  3. Does he randomly become unavailable - suddenly his 'battery dies' or 'he fell asleep' etc

  4. Yes

  5. Are you only able to see him on certain days

  6. Yes

  7. Most holidays like Christmas or New years day or Valentines day he is not around

  8. Yes

  9. Does he turns his phone away from you to reply emails or sms’s

  10. Yes

  11. Will he let you come to his place after dating for a very long while

  12. Yes

  13. Have you met his family after dating for a few months

  14. Yes

  15. Is he on any social networks like Facebook or my space

  16. Yes

  17. Is there any sign of you on his social media -as his profile pic, tagged into a relationship, tags

  18. Yes

  19. Have you heard rumors that he is being unfaithful

  20. Yes

Cheaters can be slick and cunning. They will lie to cover up anything you may uncover unless you have solid facts that they can not cover anymore. I've had an ex who I found a stranger with a profile pic of him and her on facebook and confronted him about it - he told me she was his cousin who I just hadn't met yet. I believed him until I found more explicit proof a few months later of there ongoing affair. Don't be naive. Be sure but be open minded too.

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