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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tips for meeting Long Distance (LDR) / Online dating Boyfriend / Girlfriend for the first time

What should I do when I meet my Long Distance Relationship Boyfriend / Girlfriend for the first time? What will it be like to meet my LDR boyfriend / girlfriend for the first time? I'm nervous about meeting my LDR / Online Dating Boyfriend / Girlfriend for the first time - are there any tips or things I should be aware of?

Long Distance Relationship Success Story (Including First Time Meeting)

Long distance relationships can be extremely hard. They can be even harder if you're investing time, energy and emotions into someone you've never before met in person.
The thought of eventually meeting the one you've been focusing all your attention on in person can be both highly exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time.

The following tips may help make things a little easier

Meeting your Long Distance Relationship Love for the first time

  1. They are still the exact same person.
    Unless your significant other obviously lied about something - their gender, body image, who they are etc - they are the exact same person! It may feel a little strange being around them in person because you got so use to the virtual relationship but they haven't changed.
    - Have numerous video calls before hand - it might make them a little more familiar to you when you meet.
    - Remember all you've spoken about before; likes, dislikes, inside jokes etc and bring them up in person. it will help reinforce the fact that you're still the same people.
  2. Take things slow.Just because you've been in a virtual relationship for the past few months or even years, doesn't mean you need to directly convert it to a physical relationship.
    - Don't feel like you're under pressure to kiss or sleep with someone you've been dating online. Take things slow and don't do anything you're uncomfortable with.
  3. Minimize the awkwardness.
    As mentioned previously, due to the fact that you've never met before, even if you have chatted everyday or video called a lot, it still isn't directly equivalent to a personal meeting.
    Tip: - Minimize the awkwardness by maintaining a good conversation, being friendly and letting him / her know that you're happy to meet them finally.
    - If it will make things a little easier, think about or write down a list of questions you could ask him or her when they arrive to encourage conversation just in case things do get a little awkward or quiet. Sometimes things need a little time or a slight boost before things kick off. - Be patient.
  4. Be polite
    Even if you feel uncomfortable or that he or she looks or seems a little different from what you imagines or thought, don't be rude or judgmental.
    - Be polite. You can always rethink the course of your relationship at a later stage. At the very least friendship should remain on the cards.
  5. Remember - there's a slight chance it could change things.
    Virtual chemistry and physical chemistry are not exactly the same. Just because you can chat for hours online or via text doesn't mean that things would be the same should you meet in person. Sometimes meeting in person things are completely different personalities may be different and the spark may just not be there. Tip:
    - Be prepared to accept that but hope for the best. Sometimes it just needs a little time - it isn't always the way it appears in those super cute LDR meeting for the first time videos.

    No matter the outcome of your first meeting, remember that you both made an effort to meet with each other in person and that's reason enough to be grateful. Be open-minded. No matter what happens, remember that if anything, you gained a friend.
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