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Monday, August 8, 2016

8 Reasons why having Facebook may be a bad idea - Should I delete Facebook?

Is social media especially Facebook good or bad? Should I delete my Facebook? Should I get Facebook? Should I ask my boyfriend / girlfriend to delete his / her Facebook?

The following are a list of reasons why making use of social media (specifically Facebook) may not be the best of ideas:

Reasons to stop using Facebook
  1. People Cheat
    Yes, it is true that if someone is going to cheat they do not need Facebook to do so BUT Facebook and social media does make it a tad bit easier to meet new people and / or find new people to cheat with. Many have cheated with people they've met or rekindled romances with over Facebook or other online sites or social media.
  2. People Brag
    Many people use Facebook and other social media profiles to boast about what they have. They brag about their financial status, material wealth or “happiness”. Please do note that happiness is deliberately placed in inverted comma’s because everything people portray on social media is not necessarily true. Which leads me to my next point…
  3. People Lie
    People lie on social media. People portray an image of who they want others to think they are:
    They boast about physical beauty – making others feel insecure about their looks “lying” about who they are because they are actually hidden behind layers of make-up. The perfection and beauty an onlooker sees is somewhat superficial but they don’t realize the lie and feel insecure over a person who in actuality doesn’t exist.
    People boast about being “happily married” or in “happy relationships” while behind closed doors they argue, fight or are cheated on or beaten. They put up a front that their relationships are flawless when in actuality it is a case of one of the parties in the relationship having a very high tolerance for all that they take from the other.
  4. People get discouraged
    Leading from my previous point, Social media insights competition. People feel compelled to
    compete with each other over what they have – happiness, families, riches, material assets, etc. Due to this people find themselves almost pressurized into keeping up a certain front. At times some even fake lives tagging themselves into places they’ve never been or faking gifts from people when they’ve bought them themselves. 
    For a few others, competition and boasting result in discouragement. People become oblivious to their own blessings or loose sight of their own goals and progress because they become fixated on what others have and their blessings look small in comparison to those. They don’t realize the blessings in their lives because the power in ‘coveting what their neighbor’ or friends have is too much greater. They feel worthless or of lower value because although they just got an increase at work their friend got a new car and they are still using public transport or their cousin just bought a house while they’re still living with their parents or renting a room in someone else's yard because even with the increase they just can’t afford a place of their own yet. They don’t see that the increase is a step in the right direction because their vision has been misdirected and they are distracted.
  5. People Covet
    Linked to being discouraged, people covet what others have or what they think they have. Instead of looking at the beauty and blessings in their own lives they look at the image of the lives of others and long to have what they have neglecting what they themselves have in the process.
  6. People bully
    People use social media to bully others. Statuses are posted and images are shared mocking and judging others. Sometimes they are made loosely and generally without knowing the situation of someone who might see it or understanding why they are in that situation. 
  7. People Spy
    People use Facebook to spy.  Some people spy merely out of curiosity but other times they spy with evil hearts hoping that things are going badly with others or looking into others hopes and goals and wishing bad upon them. Other people spy on exes re-opening their wounds to memories which they will never forget by spying or hurting themselves as they watch their exes go on with their lives or be happy with other people. Yet others spy on their exes with the intention of making them know that they are spying so that they too won't be able to forget about them or move forward completely.
    Read "Should I block my ex on Social Media " for more on this.
  8. People hurt themselves
    The saying "What you don't know can't hurt you" proves true in this case. Linked to the previous point, people spy on their exes or past loves resulting in picking old wounds and leading to them never fully healing. They look at their exes new lives and see them with their new loves hurting themselves in the process. This prohibits you from moving on and courses recurring heartbreak.
Facebook and other forms of social media can indeed be used for good. they allow you to share photo's or videos with your loved ones enabling those who are far away to still feel a part of the lives of the ones they love. It also enables you to reconnect with those you may have lost touch or contact with or to have a laugh or two at jokes or interesting articles uploaded or shared. Facebook is definitely not bad if used for all the right reasons BUT as with everything else in the world, it has it's cons as well especially if used the wrong way or inappropriately. 
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