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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend / girlfriend / partner

Running a little late with your Christmas gifts? Here are a few quick gift ideas which should still make it to you / your loved one before Christmas.


Gifts and ideas have a variety of gifts. These include flowers, chocolates, teddies and personalized gifts like photo frames. The awesome thing is that they allow free shipping which makes like a ton easier for you :)

Gay / Lesbian Gifts
If you're in a same-sex relationship or would like to buy a gift for someone who is gay or lesbian, Prideshack is the place for you!!

They have a variety of cute and awesome gift ideas for couples and individuals. There are a whole bunch of catchy t-shirts, beautiful rings, tags, pendants, caps etc to chose from.

I love the fact that the gifts for couples include matching items and half items (half hearts that fit together, etc).

This means your loved one gets the gift of choice and they can chose what they want within your budget :)

Artown Gifts  has a gift voucher / certificate too!!!
Besides the gift of choice with a Gift Voucher, they also offer the option of SAME DAY DELIVERY which means you are guaranteed to have your loved ones gift before Christmas if you order as soon as possible!

The gifts here range from Personalized gifts (engraving a special message, name or date on almost any item from wooden items to jewelry, glasses, frames or bags) to chocolates, sweets and flowers. What ever you can think of, you could be sure to find here.

They're really affordable too!

Boldloft offers speedy delivery and gives you an estimate of the arrival of your gift based on the day ordered. I love the stuff at Boldloft because it's a major target to LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP couples. There are a ton of T-shirts, cudlly cushions and pillows and other items that are made in a set which allows for a couple to each have half of the item. This is a major contributor in keeping the spar alive when you're a part and helps bridge the gap just a little.

BoldLoft Pillows

I hope this helps and that you get that special someone a gift in time for the best holiday of the year!!!
Merry Christmas!!! :)

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