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Monday, January 9, 2017

How to balance studying and being a single mom: Studying as a single mother - Tips & Advice

Can I study as a single mother? How can i manage studying and having a baby? How can I study while being a single mother? What are some tips for balancing studying and being a single mom?

Although extremely challenging at times, it is not at all impossible to finish your studies, or study further as a single mother. This article will provide tips and advice on how to go about the process and how to make things a little easier.

First and foremost I would like to commend you on making the decision to BE A MOTHER and uphold all your responsibilities. You have taken the decision to put your child first and to raise your child being a responsible and mature individual even if you do have to go it alone as a single parent and I am extremely proud of you for doing that!
It is so easy for other people to give their children away or make the decision to abort them but you have taken responsibility and that makes you an AWESOME mommy.

Secondly, you have taken the decision to carry on bettering yourself when it comes to education. Whether this means completing your high schooling or studying further on a higher education level - you are making the decision to better yourself and gain knowledge which will build an awesome future for you and your little one!!
Congratulations for being as awesome as you are!
As a single mom myself, I know how hard i is at times to balance  number of things with parenting - Schooling, socializing, dating, working... these all take second place to being a mom and that's the way it should be.

Although it may be hard at times, it is possible to balance parenting with other things especially something as important as studying in order to build a better future for the two of you.
In stressing the fact that IT IS POSSIBLE I would like you to read an interview I did with a fellow single mom at the time. Chelsea studied and finished school, and graduated from college as a single mom to her beautiful daughter Maleeka.

Tips on Studying as a single mom

  1. Try correspondence
    Although it may be a little scary and seem a lot more difficult for various reasons, correspondence might be the best idea for you.

    The common worries like staying motivated, managing your own time for studies and complexities in not being "taught" the work may be over shadowed by the numerous benefits to correspondence such as:

    - The fact that you can pace yourself
    - You don't have fixed classes and can structure your studying around your child or children's schedules
    - The fact that you can put in extra hours on weekends etc
    - Help is usually easily obtainable by contacting a tutor telephonically online tutors or video classes.
  2. Schedule around your kids - Study when they're a sleep, occupied, studying, playing, etc
    As mentioned above, structuring or planning your study schedule around your child's works wonders. This is evident whether you are studying correspondence or not.
    Plan your studies around your child's school activities, bap schedules or downtime. Sneak in an extra chapter whenever you get some down time.

    If your child is engaged in an activity that doesn't require your full concentration or participation (like drawing, watching TV, or playing an educational game or lego etc, use this time to read or study while supervising him or her.

    If you can, squeeze in an extra hour or two of studying before he / she wakes up or after you've put him / her to bed.
  3. Use your resources
    Find Playgroups or take babysitting shifts with friends or relatives. Not only will this be entertaining and a great social activity for your child to socialize with other his or her age, it will also allow you time to study.

    If you don't want to drop your child off with anyone then visit someone instead. In this case you still have extra eyes helping out with supervising your little one and you can still do some studying.
  4. Make use of Audio and Multi Task
    Whenever possible, download audio tapes of extra lessons or audio versions of text books etc. Make use of these to allow yourself to "study" even when doing other chores such as cooking, cleaning, bath time etc. If you're multi tasking skills are completely on point you may even substitute that rock or pop CD in the car for an audio study CD instead. The more work you can squeeze in, the better.

  5. Stay Motivated - Don't Give up!!
    No matter how hard it may seem at times or how difficult it may get - Don't give up!. Keep going.

    Make a visual reminder of why you're doing what you're doing. Stick photo's of your little one up near your work space or study spot, make a book marker or set reminders on your phone to remind you why you need to keep going. Remind yourself of that awesome school you'd like your child to attend, that new car or that homely apartment you will be able to get once you've conquered your studies and bagged that dream job.

    You are doing this for yourself and your baby / babies - Don't ever forget that.

Read here for a few more tips on studying as a single mom.

Good luck & God Bless!

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