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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Best (free) app for long distance relationships/ couples living apart

Are their any good apps for long distance relationships? How can I keep our relationship going when were apart? Are their any apps to keep our relationship going and growing? Are their any free apps for long distance relationships?

I recently found the perfect app for any relationship especially long distance ones. It is a definite must have for those days, nights or especially long periods where you can't be close to your partner.

The plus to this app is that unlike other social media or IM apps this one is made for ONLY TWO PEOPLE. That means its completely private and safe for just the two of you.

Here are some of the best features of this app:

- Thumb kisses!! I am still not over this!!! It is the best feature yet. This entails placing ur thumb on the screen of your phone and in real time your thumb print appears on your partners phone and once your thumbs touch each other through the screen both your phones vibrate simultaneously. I really love this feature. Its the closest thing to "kiss me through the phone" I am yet to find.

- Drawing together : another super cute and unique feature I totally adore. This allows both you and your partner to draw images, write notes, play games like hang man or x's and o's etc in real time. As you write or draw, everything appears on your partners screen and vice versa.

- Mutual lists: this cute function allows lists to be mutually formed and ticked off between the two of you. This could be to do lists, goal lists, shopping list etc

- Secrets: there's an option to send your partner notes or pictures that will automatically disappear after a certain period of time.

- Linked calendars : dates are stored in one phone and automatically input into the other allowing you to keep track of each others busy schedules, important events or dates, etc

There is tons more to this app including sending pics, videos and instant messages.

I totally love it :)


You can download it or check it out here: https://couple.me/

Comment below and let me know what YOU think :)

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