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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Age Gap Relationships: Are Age Gap Relationships Okay / Acceptable

What is considered an Age Gap Relationships? Are Age Gap Relationships okay? Are there any benefits to Age Gap Relationships? What issues or struggles do Age Gap Relationships have?

Age Gap relations are becoming more and more common. They are fast drifting away from being a taboo to becoming the norm. Sadly, there are still many people, societies and individuals who do view age gap relationships in a negative light.
This article highlights Age Gap Relationships as well as the issues or struggles faced by them, the benefits of them and makes mention of a few celeb age gap couples.

What is an Age Gap Relationship?
An age gap relationships is one in which the couple have a significant age difference between them. One is thus a lot older or younger than the other.

What is considered an Age Gap?
The limit or threshold at which a relationship becomes an “age gap” relationship is up for debate and discussion. Some people may mark this at 3 or 4 years difference, others 10 years, others 15 years and others 20 years plus.
It depends entirely.
I have included a poll in this post that I’d like you to comment on so that we can better tell what is the viewed mark for age gap relationships.
In My opinion (and that of many others) an age gap relationship would usually be when there is at least a 10 years difference in age between the two of you.

Are Age Gap Relationships acceptable?
The question of whether or not age gap relationships are okay, right, legal etc. depends entirely on the situation, circumstances and ages of the individuals.

An Age Gap relationship is NOT okay if:
- One of you is under age. This would mean that your relationship is illegal. If you love each other at that time you will still love each other a few years later when you are both legal. I would then advise that you maintain a platonic relationship or friendship until you are both legal and you can then carry on with your relationship happily.
- It is an affair. If one of you is married and in a relationship with their spouse (this excludes separation with proof of a pending divorce) then it is not okay. It would not be in anyone’s best interest to carry on with an affair. The cheater is being extremely selfish and the one cheating with them is being used as a side piece. This is without considering the fact that the one being cheated on is being hurt and left in the dark. If you are in love and one of you is in a relationship or married he or she should get a divorce or end their relationship first.
- Either of you is exploiting the other. If one of you is ab using the other or their money or any other materialistic or otherwise gain then it is not okay.
- One of the parties do not consent or the feeling is not mutual

An Age Gap Relationship IS okay when:
- Two people are genuinely in love no matter the age difference between them.
- Neither individual is using or abusing the other.
- Both parties are legal
- Both parties consent
- Both parties are happy
What issues or struggles do Age Gap Relationships have?

As with any relationship, there are struggles that are often faced in age gap relationships. The following are a few issues many age gap relationship couples face or deal with:
- The older partner often does not want any more kids when the younger one does
- The older partner may have health issues caused by age.
- The younger partner often worries about the older partner getting ill or dying first due to age
- The younger partner often has to deal with the older partner’s ex-wife / ex-husband which is strenuous and exasperated if the you7nger individual does not have an ex-husband or ex-wife themselves. At times the younger individual may have an an ex-partner as well but he / she may not have been involved with that person for as many years as the older partner has been involved with theirs.
- Similarly to the above, the younger person often has to deal with the fact that the duration of their relationship is far less than that of their older partner and their ex.
- Older step children who are closer to the younger partner in age may be rebellious and angered by the relationship.
- Both individuals may face scorn from family members or strangers due to the noticeable age gap. Often both individuals face being called names such as gold diggers (the younger partner) or pedophiles (the older partners) depending on their age gap.

Are there any benefits to Age Gap Relationships?
Although just like any other relationship, there are many benefits to an age gap relationship. I will list a few below:
- In relationships where the man is older:
- The younger woman often doesn’t have to deal with a man who is still living a party life.
- The man is usually stable and family orientated.
- The man usually is stable financially with a steady job and career and not indecisive.
- The man is usually emotionally mature
- For a younger woman with a child or children, the older man is usually a good father figure or male role model for the child / children
- In relationships where the woman is older
Beyonce and JayZ - Age Gap
 - The younger man often doesn’t have to deal with a woman who is still living a party life.
- The woman is usually stable.
- The woman usually is stable financially with a steady job and career and not indecisive.
- The woman is usually emotionally mature
- For a man who does not want children or anymore children, the woman is usually past childbearing age

Celeb couples in age gap relationships 

George Clooney and Amal Clooney (17 Year Age Gap)
JayZ and Beyonce (12 year age gap)
Jason Stratham and Rosey Huntington-Whiteley (20 year age gap
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones (25 Year age gap)
AnnaLynne McCord and Dominic Purcekk (18 Year Age Gap)

For more Age Gap Celebs please visit the Bazaar website here

All relationships have their ups and downs as well as pros and cons. Relationships can be hard. What matters most is that you enter into a relationship because its WHAT YOU want and you stay in a relationship BECAUSE YOU LOVE EACH OTHER. You should never let the negativity of others or what others think about you or your relationship affect you. If you really love your partner, work at it, work through your issues and increase and strengthen your love for each other. Don’t ever base the success or happiness of your relationship on other people.
True love comes in all shapes and sizes and remember, the Soul has No Age.Love with your Soul; always.
I am currently in an Age Gap Relationship. As with all of my other articles, I write from experience and / research. Please do feel free to drop me an email or comment below with any thoughts, questions or stories you may have.
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