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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kissing pics

Nothing comes close to kissing that one person you love to be with most. 
Kissing is one of the biggest and best signs of affection and there is no better feeling in the world. 
If you've got any cute, romantic or fun kissing pics please be sure to send them in! Would love to have them on the site. Visit the contact me page now for more details.

Kissing at sunset/sunrise

Titanic Kiss
Twilight Kiss

Midnight kiss
black guy white girl kiss / Britney Spears kiss

A cinderella story kiss

First date kiss

The notebook kiss

New years kiss

Spiderman Kiss
Kids kissing

Passionate kiss

The perfect kiss

Romantic kiss

Tuck Everlasting kiss

cute kiss

Inter-racial kiss
Black girl white guy kiss

Rain kiss / kissing in the rain 

pool kiss

passionate kiss
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My Book!!! Click on the image to read the first couple of chapters online

My Book!!! Click on the image to read the first couple of chapters online
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