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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Romantic things to do with your boyfriend / girlfriend

What can we do to keep the spark alive? How can we make our relationship a little more romantic? What are some fun things to do with my boyfriend/girlfriend?

Romance is a very important part of any relationship. For many however, as the relationship begins to take on more long-term characteristics, it may loose some of the romance in it due to the fact that you're both really comfortable with each other and in the relationship.
It’s important to keep the romance alive no matter what it takes (even if it is once in a while).

Below is a list of the top 5 romantic things to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend just to keep that fire burning.

Romantic things to do together


Names / initials carved in a tree
·    Carve your initials in a tree

Carving your initials in a tree probably takes the top spot for being the most romantic, antique and memorable thing to do together.

*  Whenever you visit that spot you’ll always be able to remember the day you carved your names in that tree and it will almost be like the day is re-lived.
*  Tree carvings are forever and carving your names in a tree symbolizes the ‘foreverness’ of your relationship and journey together.

*  It will also make you both feel young again (depending on how old you are). Works for couples of all ages.

*  Tree carving is not at all healthy to the tree concerned.
*  It can damage it in many ways including opening up the tree to termite and other insect damage. Just like the Initials in the tree are forever, so is the damage.
It's important to keep in mind though that carving your initials on one tree once will not kill the tree. It's more likely to be really damaging if a whole lot of people did it really deeply all over the tree. The odds aren't so high.
*  As mentioned, carving a tree together gives you something to make you remember the eternity of your relationship. It also heightens the romance in your relationship and adds to memorable moments.
*  In order to have the advantages without the disadvantages of damaging trees, why not carve a wooden placard? It will have exactly the same effect and you can place it anywhere you like.
*  Alternatively (and even better) you could carve a tree stump. It has exactly the same effect without any of the damage.  

Getting each others zodiac signs  (Henna)

 ·  Get a matching tattoo – or henna
This is one of the most modernly romantic gestures (read more on this here).
You could get the same tattoo, tattoo your partners name on you, or come up with anything else to tattoo (be creative).
*  Getting a tattoo together (especially a permanent one) demonstrates your commitment to each other and the relationship exceedingly well. It shows how much you believe that your going to be together forever.

300 Creative Dates (as seen on Oprah) - Now only $27

*  Not all couples who do get matching tattoos stay together (Chris and Rhianna) and once you’ve gotten a permanent tattoo done it’s there forever.
*  Making rash decisions is not always the best thing to do.

*  Think about it clearly before you decide to have a permanent tattoo in honor of your beloved. Some things just can’t be undone.
*  Make sure that you’re in a long-term relationship before getting a permanent tattoo. There’s nothing more irrational then getting a matching tattoo with an unsteady boyfriend who you’ve only been with for a few months and then breaking up a couple of months afterwards.
*  Getting a henna tattoo would be a much safer option.
*  Henna comes out after a few weeks so you’ll have more then enough time to show the world your love for each other, take tons of pics and make lots of memories. When it does come out you can always have another done.
*  Henna is also a whole lot cheaper then permanent tattoos for obvious reasons. It’s also a lot less painful but the advantages are basically the same (only a little less extreme).

Matching t-shirts
·    Get matching t-shirts

This idea is memorable and romantic and won’t cause any damage or permanent markings.
*  You can wear it out when you’re in public or sleep in it when you’re missing your loved one.
* You could get ones with special messages or unique ones with your couple picture.
*  Sometimes after a while it might fade a bit but you can always just make another!
Romantic pics
*  Use a pic that has significance to you: your first date, a photo taken at a memorable place, first dance etc. You’re fave pic of the two of you would be great.
·     Have a professional photo shoot done together

      Nothing could be more memorable or fun than a professional photo shoot together.
*  You get to make many memories that you can hold onto for ever.
*  You will be able to act out, have fun and even dress up together.
*  It’s professionally done so you don’t have to worry about any ruined shots.
*  Depending on where you get it done, it can be quite expensive.
*  This won’t go all that well with a camera shy guy/girl.
*  If money isn’t a problem then go for it! This is definitely a must.
*  If money is a bit of a problem it might be a good idea to start saving up.
*  This could also make a great anniversary gift. You could both put money together and spoil yourselves for the day.

·     Get a pet together
This is one of the sweetest and worth it things to do.
*  Getting a pet together (even if you live separately) could really mean a lot.
* It emphasizes your commitment to each other in almost the same way having a child would.
It gives you something to really do together for a long time. You will both be choosing the pet, financially supporting it, naming it and caring for it.
This is a really big commitment. A pet is an alive creature and is something that’s going to need a lot of love, care and attention.
It could be quite expensive. Taking a pet to the vet, feeding it and looking after it generally is not going to be very affordable and that’s why you both need to be committed.
This is not something you’d like to do with an unsteady boyfriend/girlfriend or someone that you don’t think the relationship will last long with. If things were to end after getting the pet what would happen to it? Who would care for it? As mentioned, pets are like children. This is not something easy. It needs a lot of thought.
Think this out very well before deciding to do it.
Make sure you’re certain in the stability of your relationship.
If you aren’t living together, make sure you decide who’s going to be looking after the pet when (almost like a joint custody type of thing). This will make everything so much more precious.

Romantic pictures
Relationships are all about having fun and loving each other. Try to keep that spark burning for as long as you can!
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