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Sunday, July 24, 2011

What is online dating / how does online dating work

Online dating is a phenomenon that is fast growing worldwide. It has become a major trend among individuals of all ages.

Internet Dating

Online dating, by definition is a way of starting a romantic relationship on the Internet, by giving information about yourself or replying to someone else's information.

It basically allows you to interact with and meet individuals who share similar interests, through a scientific matchmaking process.The process matches you up based on geographical location, information, likes, dislikes and interests. It will also match you up based on ages, nationality, income or any other factors you may feel are important to you when considering someone as a possible date.
How does it work?
Online Dating
1.  Find a site
  *  The process of joining an online dating site is relatively easy. You can basically search it on the Internet and join one (or many) which you feel may suite what you are looking for.

     There are many different types of online dating sites. Some cater to all individuals but others are more specified.

      There are ones for Single moms, Inter-racial relationships, lesbians, specific age groups or locations, sugar daddy/mommy sites, cougar sites etc. For more information on this and some of the dating sites which cater to specific needs read: Types of online dating sites.

 *   There are also paid sites and free sites.

      These are basically the same except for specific benefits offered to those on paying sites.

Paying sites are also more specialized with regards to the individuals they cater to.
For more information on this, you might want to read up on the difference between online
dating sites that charge and those that don’t.
2.   Join a site
·         Once you’ve decide which sites you’d like to join it’s as easy as just signing up.
·         The sign up process for most online dating sites isn’t very long or complex. It usually involves a short information form being filled out and you’re profile can be completed and filled up whenever you feel that you have time to do so.

Asian Lady Online Dating
3.   Filling out your profile
·         It’s important to pay a lot of attention to your profile and the way you fill it out.
·         Your profile is your face and link to everyone in the online dating world. It allows all those browsing profiles to come across yours and know a lot about who you are. Remember, profiles with pics get more views and are noticed more easily because they seem more realistic, honest and serious.
·         Filling out your profile HONESTLY and openly are important factors in attracting the right people.
·         If you are brief or vague with regards to what you fill out in your profile you could also lose a lot of interest from prospective dates due to the fact that you may come across fake or not really interested in meeting anyone.
·         Be honest, be fun and be yourself. There’s nothing worse than pretending to be someone you’re not. The truth always comes out in the end.

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