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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First kiss tips

The first kiss can be one of the most exciting but nerve-wrecking things. Am I going to do it right? What if I mess it up? What do I do?

There is so much that may cross your mind with regards to the thought of first kisses.

First Kiss

First kisses are simple. They’re meant to be a fun experience as well as a start of a new era.
There are many basic tips to follow in order to make sure that your first kiss goes just a little more smoother and is a whole lot more stress free.

Top 10 First Kiss tips
    About to kiss
This is one of the hardest things to do and yet the most important. Being tense basically diminishes your chances of enjoying your first kiss.
  ·  Relax your mind and body. Remember, kissing’s meant to be a fun experience not a stressful situation.
   · When you can tell that a possible kiss moment is arising be sure to take a few deep breaths. Make sure you do this as naturally as possible to avoid making it obvious (or seem like you’re hyperventilating). Breathing in deeply has the potential to calm you down almost instantly.
·  By relaxing you’ll look and feel more into the kiss.
    About to kiss
  1. Breathe
Breathing is a must.
·    It not only calms you down (as previously mentioned) but will keep you alive! You have to breathe during your kiss!!! If you’ve ever wondered how people can make-out for hours – It’s all in the breathing!

·    Breathe through your nose. It’s really not advisable to try and breathe through your mouth and that’s why trying to kiss someone while you’ve got a cold (despite the fact that you can spread the cold/ flu germ to them) could potentially be disastrous.
·    Kissing with a blocked or clogged nose can be a mission due to the fact that it’s hard to breathe through it.

Bad breath is a killer
Have a mint at hand... always!
Almost kissing
   · Bad breath can really kill the mood. Avoid eating foods that course bad breath right before or during a date or anytime when you think a kiss might be coming up later.
    · If you have a mint with you (or even a piece of gum) be sure to pop it in your mouth in advance of a kiss Don't do this right before but more like 30 minutes to an hour before. You really don’t need to worry about someone choking on the mint or gum in between all the first kiss drama.
  1. Concentrate
By concentrating I’m actually referring to not concentrating. If you can concentrate on not concentrating you’ll be great.
Nothing like that first kiss
   · Think about the person you’re with and how amazing it is that you get to kiss them.
   · Forget all about where you are or who’s around you or the fact that it’s your first kiss.
   · Don’t concentrate on trying to avoid messing up.
   · Enjoy the moment and take it in! This is your first kiss. Try and keep it with you forever.

  1. Close your eyes
Closed eyes make for better kisses.
·   Closing your eyes while kissing heightens your other sense. It will make you more sensitive to touch, smell and taste allowing you a more pleasurable kissing experience.
Sweet kiss
·    It will also help you to be able to block everything else out and concentrate on your kiss.
·    It adds to the romance of the kiss.
  1. Minimize saliva
Kissing is not meant to become messy.
·    You don’t want drool to ruin your kissing experience so simply put – keep your saliva to yourself.
·     Make sure you swallow regularly during your kiss. This will help prevent any drool disasters.
·    Try and swallow right before you go in for a kiss. Do this in a natural way. Don’t make it obvious.
  1. Less tongue is more
Romantic kiss
Everybody loves a romantic, lingering kiss.
   · Kisses can be intimate and romantic by keeping tongue in moderation.
   · Too much tongue can come across aggressive and confusing. Follow your partners lead and the mood you’re in. The more intense the kiss is the more tongue is usually used. First kisses are usually less intense and more romantic meaning that tongue should be less too.

  1. Hands positions
Body language is important in kissing too.
·    You don’t want to appear stiff or scared to death so you need to allow your whole body to be into the kiss.
·    You could hold hands with your partner, have your hand on his/her leg, embrace him/her (like in a hug or when you’re dancing), caress his or her hair or neck,  or have your hands anywhere natural basically. You don’t even have to touch your partner if you don’t want to but you need to be natural! Look at pictures and get ideas. Follow your partners lead if you feel unsure.
·    Body language comes naturally to you once you follow the first and most important tip – RELAX.

  1. Pull away when your partner does to be safe
Teen Kiss
In order to avoid embarrassment it’s important that you follow your partner. If it feels like he/she is pulling away, do the same. It will help prevent confusion too.
Know what kiss they going for
There are only two possibilities. Either your partner wants a simple peck kiss or he/she’s going in for a French kiss. The only way to know what kiss your partners going for is to follow a few simple guidelines.
Parted lips
·    Peck (closed mouth kiss) – Your partner’s lips will feel sealed and he/she will withdraw from the kiss sooner.
·    French kiss (tongue kissing) – Your partners lips will be slightly parted.
By following the above mentioned tips you too can decide which kiss you’d like to have with your partner. If you’re open to French kissing, part your lips slightly. If you’d only like a peck kiss, keep your lips sealed.
Bonus tip (Most important)
Kissing is meant to be enjoyable for both of you so have fun!

Teen first kiss

Remember: Every kiss is different. Let go, relax, and make each moment last.
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