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Friday, August 19, 2011

How to kiss a girl

Kissing is one of the most exciting things to get into.

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There’s nothing quite like locking lips to deepen the connection that’s already there.
Put simply kissing is not only fun, romantic and one of the biggest signs of affection but it’s also great for your health! Studies show that kissing has a positive effect on your mood, teeth and tongue!!! Remember, this depends on who you're kissing! You can also get STDs and other oral infections from kissing the wrong people, so be careful!

The first thing to remember is that kisses are different. Different kisses for different people. As you kiss more and more you’ll develop your own style so don’t even stress about it.
The most important thing to remember with regards to kissing (especially if you haven’t kissed anyone before) is,
There is nothing worse then feeling like you have to kiss someone because everyone else is doing it, your girlfriend's pressurizing you or you feel that you need to get it over and done with.

Let it happen when it happens.
Some things just need to happen on their own. Wait and it will be worth it. Once you're completely ready - LET THE EXCITEMENT BEGIN!!!

Kissing step by step:
1.  Relax!!!
Kissing is the simplest thing under the sum and the only thing that could make it hard and awkward is if you’re tensed up.
Remember that the more relaxed you are the better.

When you see that the moment is arising for a possible kiss relax yourself by calming yourself down (you’re bound to be nervous, overly excited, anxious, etc)

·    You can instantly calm yourself down and relax by taking a few deep breaths (don’t make it obvious. Breathe normally. )

·   Let your body relax. Don’t tense up your arms, have fisted hands, etc

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2.  Clear your mind
Forget about everything else. Don’t focus on your surroundings or where you are. Just focus all your attention on the “here and now” and the person you're with.
Remember, specifically if this is your very first kiss (or even your first kiss with a particular person) you want to remember it so take it all in!!!

3.  Easy does it
Remember not to rush into a kiss or out of it. It has the potential to ruin everything. Take your time!
Depending on who’s initiating the kiss, you’ll probably have to move in closer. Rushing towards someone for a kiss can only result in unnecessary and embarrassing situations such as head butts or nose clashes.
Generally tilt your head slightly to the right. Chances are your partner will do the same (to her right) and you won’t have a nasty accident.
*Don't pay too much attention to or stress about what direction you tilt your head to. If you do everything slowly, generally your partner will go in the opposite direction.

  4. Don’t be afraid to take the lead
If the person you’re planning on kissing has more experience then you do you have two options:
Follow her lead and let her be in control or take the lead and look more experienced then you actually are.

If you decide to follow her lead everything will basically fall together and you don’t really have much to do or be concerned about besides relaxing and enjoying.

If however, you decide to take the lead (because she's just as inexperienced as you are or for any other reason) good for you! Girls love guys who take control.
There’s not much to kissing so don’t be afraid to take the lead. Simply move in closer slowly and watch everything come together.

You probably won’t be sure what kind of kiss your partner's going for (a peck or french kiss) so you need to go in accordingly, you’ll be able to tell as soon as your lips meet.

If you’d like nothing more then a peck (which is a closed mouth kiss) keep your lips sealed! This will ensure that the kiss stays exactly that way. You can still have all the intimacy without any tongue if you don’t feel ready yet.

If you’re open to french kissing, go in with your lips slightly parted.
* Please note SLIGHTLY parted and not ridiculously open. (Think pouting and keep your lips that way).
In this way if your partner is open to french kissing you its completely possible and if she's planning a peck kiss then this works for that too.

5.   Lips locked
Once your lips have met you’ve past the hardest of parts.
Remember, closed eyes make for better, more intimate and romantic kisses.
If you’re planning on french kissing or not sure what kind of a kiss your partners going in for (a peck or french kiss) best bet would be to pull away when she does. This way you don’t have to worry about unnecessary embarrassment if you have different ideas in mind.

Once your lips meet you will be able to tell by the feel of her lips weather she’d like to french kiss you or would prefer a peck.

If her lips are sealed shut that’s a sign that a peck kiss is all she’s willing to have right now. If, however her lips are slightly parted and she doesn’t move away straight after your lips touch, that’s your sign to go in for a french kiss.

6.    French kissing
The base of french kissing is tongue touching. You can basically just touch your tongue to hers by sticking it out a little or put your tongue in her mouth if her lips are parted. As previously mentioned – kisses are different. Go with what feels best but remember, keep the tongue in moderation. Too much tongue has the potential to kill a kiss.

Once your tongues are touching it’s basically anything goes from there. Keep things slow and romantic. There’s no book on guidelines regarding what you should or shouldn’t do.

Kissing is something you learn as you go along. There is no sure manual on great kissing. It’s all up to you. Remember that the more you kiss the better at it you get.

Have fun and don’t do it until you’re ready!!!

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