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Sunday, July 3, 2011

'Is my best friend in love with me ' Quiz

Is my best friend in love with me? Does my best friend have feelings for me?
I'm in love with my best friend, does he/she feel the same way?
There's nothing more intense then realizing that you have feelings for your best friend and wondering whether or not he/she feels the same way.
There are many ways of finding out. This quiz will help you take a few steps in the right direction (follow the link after the quiz for more in-depth information).

  1. When speaking about an upcoming date or a member of the opposite sex to your friend he/she seems:

  2. annoyed

  3. Has he/she ever called you boyfriend/girlfriend, wifey/hubby or anything else similar?

  4. Yes - a lot
    No - Never

  5. Does he/she ever joke about you being together (dating or married)?

  6. Yes - a lot
    No - never

  7. Does he/she ever jokingly suggest that you would make a hot/cute/cool or the greatest couple?

  8. Yes - a lot
    No - Never

  9. How does he/she treat you?

  10. Like one of the guys (if your a girl), like one of the girls (if you're a guy)
    Different from everybody else
    More like a girlfriend/boyfriend than a friend

  11. How well do you know each other?

  12. He/she tells me everything
    I know more about him/her then anyone else
    As well as we know our other friends

  13. How often do you know where he/she is or where he/she will be?

  14. All the time
    Most of the time
    I call occasionally to find out if i need him/her

  15. Does he/she ask you for your opinion with regards to who he/she should date or spend time with?

  16. Yes - alot
    No - never

  17. If you introduced him/her to a date, what is likely to be his/her reaction afterwards?

  18. "He/she seemed like a very nice person"
    "He/she seemed like a snob"
    "You can do so much better"

  19. If you told him/her you were in a new relationship, what would his/her re-action be?

  20. "I wish you the best but I don't think he/she can ever commit to one person"
    "Wow! That's great! Let's do a double date"
    "But he/she is so snobbish and you're so much fun. Don't think it's gonna work"

Remember, everything is worth a try. Love is filled with taking chances. There is nothing worse then being left wondering "what if..."
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