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Monday, July 4, 2011

Top Break up Songs

Breaking up with someone or going through a break up can be one of the hardest things to deal with. Once that person is gone it's like everything we may see or do reminds us of them.

Music may be a good way to allow everything to sink in and for you to be able to deal with the situation in order to move on.

The following list contains 15 of the best break-up songs. The lyrics in the songs are extremely noteworthy.
Break up song list

Every night I remember that evening,The way you looked when you said you were leaving.The way you cried as you turned to walk away

The cruel words and the false accusations. The mean looks and the same old frustrations
I never thought that we'd throw it all away…But we threw it all away.

And I'm a little bit lost without you. And I'm a bloody big mess inside.
And I'm a little bit lost without you
This ain't a love song this is goodbye (oooooh)…

The world slows down but my heart beats fast right now. I know this is the part where the end starts…

I can't take it any longer, Thought that we were stronger. All we do is linger… Slipping through our fingers

I don't want to try now.All that's lefts goodbye to, Find a way that I can tell you

I hate this part right here… I hate this part right here… I just can't take your tears…I hate this part right here

When darkness turns to light; It ends tonight, It ends tonight.
Just a little insight will make this right; It’s too late to fight.
It ends tonight, It ends tonight.      

I shouldn't have walked away. I would've stayed if you'd say; We could've made everything okay

But we just threw the blame back and forth; We treated love like a sport
The final blow hit so low. I'm still on the ground

I couldn't have prepared myself for this fall. Shattered in pieces, curled on the floor
Super natural love conquers all; Remember we used to touch the sky

And lighting don't strike the same place twice. When you and I said goodbye I felt the angels cry.
True love's a gift but we let it drift in a storm… Every night I feel the angels cry

Although we've come to the End Of The Road
Still I can't let you go
It's unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you

Oh it tears me up. I tried to hold on but it hurts too much
I tried to forgive but it’s not enough To make it all ok

You can’t play on broken strings. You can’t feel anything That your heart don’t want to feel.
I can’t tell you something that ain’t real.

Oh the truth hurts.
A lie’s worse.
I can’t like it anymore… And I love you a little less than before

These four walls – Miley Cyrus 

Didn't take long  For the room to fill with dust
And these four walls, came down around us
… Now I'll wait for a break in the silence
'Cause it's all that you left
Just me and these four walls again

You know nothing hurts like loosing When you know it's really gone.
Except for the pain of choosing To hold too long.
I tried it your way But I got nothing to show
It's been the same, same And the story's getting old
So I guess the driveway Will be the end of the road
For us it's too late… Let the credits start to roll

Sad woman:
Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending

 Was it something I did? Was it something You said?
Don't leave me hanging In a city so dead Held up so high On such a breakable thread
You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought we could be…
You were everything, everything that I wanted. We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
And all of the memories, so close to me, just fade away.
All this time you were pretending… So much for my happy ending
If love was an Oscar You and I could never win Cause we can never act out our parts
If love is the Bible Then we are lost in sin Because its not in our hearts
So why don't you go your way And I'll go mine
Live your life, and I'll live mine
Baby you'll do well, and I'll be fine
Cause we're better off, separated

It was awesome but we lost it. It's not possible for me not to care
And now we're standing in the rain But nothing's ever gonna change until you hear, my dear; The 7 things I hate about you
The 7 things I hate about you (oh you)
You're vain, your games, you're insecure, You love me, you like her
You make me laugh, you make me cry, I don't know which side to buy
Your friends they're jerks And when you act like them, just know it hurts
I wanna be with the one I know
And the 7th thing I hate the most that you do
You make me love you

How do you let it go? When You just don't know? What's on, The other side of the door When you're walking out, talk about it...
Everything I tried to remember to say Just went out my head
So I'ma do the best I can to get you to understand 'cause I know
There's never a right time to say goodbye But I gotta make the first move 'Cause if I don't you gonna start hating me
Cause I really don't feel the way I once felt about you Girl it's not you, it's me
I kinda gotta figure out what I need (oh)
There's never a right time to say goodbye But we know that we gotta go Our separate ways
And I know it's hard but I gotta do it, And it's killing me Cause there's never a right time
A right time to say goodbye
Already gone -Kelly Clarkson

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories, they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye
Even with our fists held high It never would have worked out right, yeah
We were never meant for do or die
I didn't want us to burn out I didn't come here to hurt you now I can't stop
I want you to know That it doesn't matter Where we take this road But someone's gotta go
And I want you to know You couldn't have loved me better But I want you to move on So I'm already gone

You took my hand, You showed me how. You promised me you'd be around...
I took your words And I believed In everything You said to me...
If someone said three years from now You'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out Cause they're all wrong.
I know better,
Cause you said forever
And ever…
Who knew?
burning heart:
Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

See it's burning me to hold onto this. I know this is something I gotta do But that don't mean I want to… What I'm trying to say is that I-love-you I just… I feel like this is coming to an end And its better for me to let it go now than hold on and hurt you…
I gotta let it burn

It's gonna burn for me to say this But it's coming from my heart.
It's been a long time coming But we done been fell apart.
Really wanna work this out But I don't think you're gonna change ya…
I do but you don't Think it's best we go our separate ways…
Tell me why I should stay in this relationship When I'm hurting baby, I ain't happy baby
Plus theres so many other things I gotta deal with…
I think that you should let it burn
When your feeling ain't the same and your body don't want to

But you know gotta let it go cause the party ain't jumpin' like it used to
Even though this might bruise you
Let it burn
Let it burn
Gotta let it burn

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