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Friday, October 7, 2011

Does my ex miss me - Quiz

Does my ex miss me? Does he/she want me back? Does he/she miss me? Does my ex regret the break-up? Relationships end for various reasons. Sometimes the reasons are worth it and the relationship can't be fixed and other times the relationship can be fixed. Sometimes we make decisions in a hurry and end up regretting it. It is then that we often left wonder whether or not our ex still has feelings for us, misses us and wants to fix things.

  1. has he/she contacted you since the break up?

  2. Yes
    In a way

  3. How often does he/she contact you?

  4. once in a while
    once a week

  5. Do his/her friends talk to you about him/her?

  6. yes - a lot
    no - never

  7. What is he/she likely to say during a conversation?

  8. Bring up an old memory of the two of you together
    Talk about how great it is to be single
    You haven't spoken since the break-up

  9. What do his/her friends usually say to you?

  10. That your ex is sad/lonely/depressed since the break up
    That your ex misses you/still talks about you a lot
    That your ex is over you / or they don't speak about your ex

  11. Has he/she contacted you on a birthday or holiday (Christmas, etc)?

  12. Yes
    He/she was never good with that kinda stuff

  13. Has he/she said that they wished things were different?

  14. Yes!
    He/she said something similar

  15. Is he/she dating again?

  16. no
    I don't know
    Yes (that's what I've heard)

  17. Does he/she call you or contact you for 'silly' reasons (to get a phone number of a friend, etc)

  18. Yes - A lot
    No - Only for important things
    He/she never contacts me

  19. How long were you together?

  20. less then 3 months
    a few months / a year

Remember sometimes the signs are right there. You just need to be open-minded and observant.

The higher your score is the higher the chance is that your ex misses you / the more your ex misses you.
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  1. I totally agree: signs are right there, sometimes we do not want to see the truth but truth is here.

  2. Hi Diana!
    So true. It's like being blinded by love or completely in denial. That's why it's so important to be open minded when you look at situations. You might be missing signs that your ex still has major feelings for you or looking right past those feelings that he/she doesn't.
    Thanks for the comment!
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