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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Affordable / Cheap romantic getaways

How can we save money while on holiday? Are there any romantic getaways that are actually affordable or cheap? Are there cheap or affordable romantic getaways that are actually worth it?

kissing at sunset
So many times we may find ourselves frustrated as we search for answers to the above mentioned questions.We’d love to have that romantic getaway or holiday with the one we love but would like to do so without ending up with a whole lot of debt or expenses we never planned for. It’s important to remember, ‘where there’s a will… there’s a way’!

By keeping the following tips in mind you will be able to save enough money on certain aspects of your holiday in order to spend on other aspects of it.
To put it simply, there is such a thing as an affordable or cheap romantic getaway or holiday. It really is possible to make memories without spending too much money.
Tips on an affordable romantic getaway
1.   Spend less on accommodation in order to have more to spend on entertainment

The most flexible form of expense on holiday is accommodation. You ultimately determine how much you’re going to spend with regards to it.
It’s important to know that you don’t have to be staying in the most prestigious and expensive of hotels in order to have a romantic break or memorable holiday.
Ultimately all 3-5 star accommodations host a very similar experience and it is actually what you make of it that counts.
There are many affordable lodges which can be used as an excellent form of accommodation. Lodges can add to an extremely romantic experience with many privately owned ones offering more of an intimate and unique visitors experience then many hotels.
Remember to make sure that you get as much information as possible on your form of accommodation or lodge before booking. Look for pictures and reviews on the Internet in order to gain more insight.
Also, always have a back up plan. Look for a nearby lodge or hotel within a similar price range which you could fall back on in case you get to your chosen destination and it isn’t all you thought it would be.

2.   Consider Self-catering as a form of accommodation

Self catering can be defined as accommodation in which guests take care of their own meal and laundry needs.

Basically speaking it differs to hotels and lodges in that guests make their own beds, cook their own meals and ultimately cater to and clean up after themselves.
This is often viewed as off putting to the guest by many who see going away on holiday as being meant to be a vacation where everything is done for you. This can easily be dismissed by the fact that many self-catering accommodations do offer the option to have your room made-up or certain other “hotel like” facilities to be added. In addition to this, all holiday destinations, including self-catering ones often have restaurants or other similar places where you can still be served meals.

On the contrary to many negative assumptions, self-catering can often add to more of a relaxed and enjoyable experience.
The ‘do-it-yourself’ atmosphere often adds to the element of feeling more at home and can thus make everything a little more relaxed.
With a more homely atmosphere things can also be as romantic as you’d like or as laid back as you’d prefer.

You also aren’t bound by time constraints with regards to waking up early for breakfast or leaving the room at a certain time in order to allow your hotel room to be made-up.

The biggest advantage is the cost. With accommodation being one of the biggest costs to be planned for with regards to romantic holidays, every saving in this regard counts.
Self-catering accommodation is often a lot more affordable then any other descent form of accommodation. It is also cheaper due to the fact that you can supply and prepare your own meals, drinks, etc which is usually very pricey at the destination.

Once again, by saving money on accommodation costs you will have more money at your disposal to spend on other aspects of your holiday such as making it memorable, romantic and having the best forms of entertainment.

3.    Go off peak
The best saving tip would be to go off peak.
This means that you should go on holiday while everyone else is working or at school. Best times for this are right after holidays.
These are different for different countries and religions so look at the place you plan on going to and work out when their busiest periods are. This can be easily measure by school holidays. When the schools are open you should go on holiday. Everything from entertainment to accommodation is a whole lot cheaper during this time. Avoid going during school recess and break periods.
What’s more is that all destinations are basically a whole less busier giving you and your loved one a whole lot more privacy. This is bound to be a plus with regards to saving money as well as making your holiday or romantic getaway a lot more romantic.

4.    Have at least one picnic date
Not only are picnic dates tons of fun and romantic but they are also highly affordable.
The costs of getting a picnic basket and filling it with everything you and your partner love as well as throwing in some champagne and a couple of glasses is by far more affordable then visiting an expensive restaurant. It is also worth a lot more with regards to lasting longer and being more memorable and unique.
5.    Save in advance
Planning and saving equals more to spend and less of a dent being made in your budget. Adequate planning is always a plus when it comes to anything financial.

It means you won't run short of money or be left stunned at unexpected expenses.
By using these tips you are bound to have an affordable, romantic and highly memorable experience together.
More tips for an affordable romantic getaway will be posted soon!
Please feel free to share, comment and add your suggestions!
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