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Monday, October 17, 2011

When should I teach my child to Pray / How soon should I teach my child to Pray

When should I teach my child to Pray? Is it too soon to teach my child to Pray? At what age should I teach my child to Pray? 

The answer put simply is the fact that keeping in mind the importance of Prayer, it is important to give your children the gift of this knowledge as soon as possible.
Simple fact: If they can speak, they can Pray!
Children are a whole lot smarter then you may think they are. Prayer is basically having a conversation with Jesus / God as it is basically our main form of communication.

As a basis, inform your child about Jesus and God, take him/her to Sunday school if you can and instill wisdom of the Lord in him/her from as early an age as you can.
Start off with simple and easy Prayers of course. Introduce your child to Prayers for children. He/she can start off by Praying for close family members (parents and siblings), pets and for all that he/she's thankful and grateful for.
Once you have started your child off with regards to Prayers, as they grow older, they will change, structure and include more detail in his/her Prayers by him/herself.
As a parent (or older sibling) your main concern should be getting them started and firmly grounded in the Lord.
It would be a good idea to have a fixed routine for your little one in order for him/her to remember that just as important (actually more important) as brushing their teeth before bed or making sure that the lights are turned out or even that bedtime story; is speaking to Jesus / God.
You’ll obviously need to Pray with them for a while depending on how old they are. Teach them that they should go on their knees, close their eyes and speak to God. Let them know that even though they can’t hear God or Jesus speak back, he can understand and hear them 100% clearly.

Prayer is a beautiful thing and the knowledge of knowing and understanding it is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give your child. There is no such thing as it ever being 'too early' to start.
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