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Friday, October 21, 2011

'Am I romantic' Quiz (For guys)

'Am I a romantic boyfriend?' Quiz

Am I romantic enough? Am I a romantic boyfriend / guy?
Boredom and neglect can have an extremely negative impact on any relationship. Romance is always one of the top things which will contribute towards keeping the spark ignited and the fire burning.

Answer the following questions as truthfully as you can. Picture yourself in various situations if you haven't been there yet and you will be able to tell exactly how romantic you actually are.
Remember, If you don't have a girlfriend think about any particular girl you may be or may have been trying to get close to.

  1. How often do you CALL (not text or IM) your girlfriend?

  2. every day
    a few times a day
    Never. She calls me

  3. How often do you call or text just to say 'Goodnight'

  4. every night
    some nights
    I reply when she texts or calls me
    I never do

  5. When was the last time you bought her flowers (except for her birthday or valentines day)

  6. A few days ago
    A few weeks ago
    I can't remember
    I haven't ever done that

  7. How often do you compliment her?

  8. Everyday
    Whenever there's something to compliment her on
    Sometimes if I remember

  9. What's closest to the nicest thing you've ever said to her?

  10. I like your shoes / t-shirt
    You're eyes are beautiful
    I wish I could stay right here with you forever
    Would you like a mint

  11. Have you ever asked or suggested she split the bill with you?

  12. No
    Yes once
    Yes all the time

  13. How many dates have you organised or planned for the two of you?

  14. Every one of them
    A few
    One or two
    None. That's her thing

  15. Have you ever written her a love letter?

  16. Yes one
    No never
    Yes but more like little notes then a letter
    I've sent romantic emails

  17. Pull out her chair for her, hold her hand, compliment her, tell her you miss her. You've done:

  18. 3 regularly
    1 or 2 regularly
    none or hardly ever
    All regularly

  19. If your girlfriend cried and you were there you would:

  20. Hand her a tissue
    Hold her hand
    Hug her
    Be really shocked / surprised and not know what to do

Remember, romance is all about doing thoughtful things. You don't need tons of money to be romantic, you just need to have a sweet side.
The higher your score is, the more romantic you are.
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